I’m Only Mostly Dead

It’s been so long that I’m actually embarrassed. Half this embarrassment comes from the fact that Kelli from She Learns as She Goes actually linked to me during my unintentional hiatus… So people came to see my blog and saw it kind of curled up on the floor, drooling and sniffing and making odd noises.

Yes. Hi. Welcome. Glad you’re here – if you stuck around after that… spectacle of drool.

So, in case you missed the memo, here’s Justin Timberlake to announce it…

You laugh, but this meme is the reason I now know all the words to ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ by *NSync. Ugh, what is my life? (I just have a larger-than-normal appreciation of 90’s pop music, OKAY?)


1. Videocall with my friends more often. I skype chat with my faraway friends quite often, but I never seem to do video calls, which is so much more personal. It’s not that I don’t have time, I just don’t think of it. I’m going to make an effort to do calls more often. 🙂

2. Get back into my spiritual reading. School reading has eaten me alive. But school is almost over, so the spiritual reading can come back.

3. Write my 2013 Summer Bucket list. What it sounds like. 😛

Thanks for reading, guys! 🙂 Talk to you soon.

Best wishes!


February Resolutions

*fights urge to start post with a comment about how she can’t believe it’s February already*

But it is, by the way. February, I mean. And we all know that that means…

Despite the looming reminder of my forever alone state, I am resolved to be resolved this month. Let’s roll out the resolutions!

1. Do something worthwhile. 

This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions, but what I mean with this is to find better things to do with my time than sitting on tumblr. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the amount of time I spend on the internet is embarrassing. Especially considering the other great things I could be doing, and how much better and more satisfied I feel when I spend my time on those things instead of online. I’ve set the background of my computer to this:

Untitled copy

It’s there to remind me every time I open the computer that I have better things I could be doing. (Also, to get back into the swing of writing again, my deal with myself is that in order to spend any time on tumblr or my forums, etc, I have to write something. A sentence of a novel – if not more, this blog post, a college letter, a D&D adventure… just write something. Something I should be writing but have been putting off.)

2. Be more charitable.

This is really tough for me, but this resolution is to basically quit the gossip and quit speaking unkindly about people. There are a few select people who drive me up the wall, and so I complain about them and make them seem like terrible people. It needs to stop. Instead of judging others, I’m going to try and focus on the positive aspects of people.

For example, instead of internally grumping about a woman wearing a miniskirt at mass, instead I should find something nice – like how she’s done her hair in a really neat way.

3. Get more sleep.

I’ve been staying up too late, and that means I put off my prayers until I’m too tired to do them, and then try to catch up on my sleep deprivation by ignoring my alarm clock – but then I get behind on my day, and for what? An extra half hour of sleep at most. This month I’m setting a schedule and sticking to it.

As always, resolutions from She Learns as She Goes. I’m going to hit some Shakespeare before I crash for the night; I’m absolutely exhausted.

Best wishes,

December Report Card

Before I do anything I, as always, have some orders of business to attend to.

1. Thank you all for your prayers for Fulton. We have had lots of good news – his sisters are keeping us updated: they aren’t going to have to amputate his hands, and his eyes are undamaged. They’re taking the breathing tube out today and he might be walking soon. Praise God! Still, he’s going to be in the hospital for six months for treatment, so continued prayers are so, so appreciated.

There’s a fundraiser going to help cover some of the costs of the treatment as well as travel to and from the hospital, and other needs of the family. Do not feel at all obligated to donate, but if you can and would like to, it would mean the world. Everything helps.

2. On a slightly less serious note, the 78th episode of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries came out and it is a doozy… I’ve watched it eight times. It’s amazing. If you’re caught up in the series and haven’t watched it, GO WATCH IT.

3. New blog theme. Opinions? The sidebar still exists, but only on pages that aren’t the homepage, for some reason. 


December Resolutions

So, my report card. For once I did well! …ish.

Resolution #1: Finish most of my Christmas gifts on time.
Grade: A!

I managed to get all my Christmas gifts finished (with the exception of my dad’s and Essie’s, who gave me permission to be late) and given to the people they belonged to on time! 🙂 I’ll try and get photos of them and post them soon.

Resolution #2: Be a little more organized.
Grade: B-

I did okay on this, towards the end of the month – I went on a silent retreat that really snapped me back into gear. Unfortunately, that was only two weeks out of December, so I can’t grade myself any more highly than that.

Resolution #3: Work on SAT math.
Grade: B

I did, but not with as much diligence as I should have. (Also, I’m dodging it right now to write this so… Heh.)

Resolution #4: Remember the whole point of Christmas.
Grade: A+

Midnight Mass did this for me. Just gorgeous.

Seeing as January is already halfway over (I can’t believe it – gah), I won’t set any resolutions this month, besides my New Year’s Resolution. 😛 

As always, resolutions come from She Learns as She Goes.

Expect a post on Sunday – I’m off to color some pictures for my mom. Important business here at my house.



December Resolutions (also, 99th post?)

Why, hello there. Long time no see. That’s my fault, of course, and I’ll admit it with only a little bit of shame. I could sit here and complain and make excuses, but frankly, I don’t have time for that right now – so just assume the usual excuses and let’s get on with things, shall we?

December Resolutions

I can’t believe it’s December already. This year just blew by, and now I’m singing Christmas carols and knitting like a madwoman to get all my friends gifts (dropped $65 on yarn the other day – so much for saving money by making things, right? Oh well) and sometimes I just feel like I want to stop life and just… freeze. HOLD EVERYTHING. Take this one moment right now and just live in it. I am happy and feel so blessed. The Christmas lights are up and – you know, strike that. Let’s live in a moment about two weeks from now, during Christmas break. 😉

That being said, Advent is waiting for something, and stopping Advent and living in this one moment means Christmas never comes. And so I am reminded once again that the train of life chugs onward for good reason.

Resolution #1: Finish most of my Christmas gifts on time.

I’m knitting something for basically all of my friends this year – I’ve “finished” four things (I still need to seam and sew in ends and add finishing touches) and have four left. I’m hoping to get at least most of them finished before Christmas – Essie’s given me permission to give them to her late because I’m going out of my mind trying to knit a million things before Christmas.

Resolution #2: Be a little more organized.

Basically, keeping my room clean, bed made, getting up at a reasonable hour and prioritizing things. Practicing my cello before I sit on Skype for hours. Writing that religion paper (oops) before going off to read Romeo and Juliet (which I haven’t really had a lot of time for, either).

Resolution #3: Work on SAT math.

I got my SAT scores back – and I got the exact same score in math that I did last year. It’s ridiculous. Something’s gotta give. So I need to study and work and run practice tests… Anything to boost my score. The only way is up!

Resolution #4: Remember the whole point of Christmas.

Or, rather, don’t forget it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the material, but my main goal this month is to remember what Christmas is really about and not lose myself in the frantic rush of presents and Michael Bublé’s version of Jingle Bells. Keep the Christ in Christmas, as the bumper stickers say. 🙂

Quick plug for my friends Julia and Kira – they’ve been nominated for a blogging award and it would be super awesome if you could kind of go and second the nominations. 😛 You can only nominate one, so here are the links to their blogs:


Now you must make the impossible choice. 😉 And keep your eyes out for the voting, as I’m sure they’ll needs votes as well.

As always, resolutions come from the lovely Kelli at She Learns As She Goes.

Thanks for reading! Up next, 100th post! 😀


My Report Card

A quick post tonight because it’s late and rather exhausted – I spent all day on the road driving home from my aunt’s house.

Since it’s the end of the month, it’s time for my report card on my resolutions! If you’ll remember, I posted about my resolutions for the month of July in this post, with the promise to grade myself at the end of the month.

First resolution: journal every day.

Grade: A-

I did journal most days, but there were a few days – once or twice while I was in Florida, and then these past few days at my aunt’s – when I forgot to do so. Hence, A-.

Second resolution: turn off the TV/laptop.

Grade: D

I probably deserve even an F here, but IN MY DEFENSE, my grandparents leave the television on basically all the time, and while I was in Florida, there was basically nothing to do besides goof around on the computer. And then I bought Portal 2. As they say: the rest is history.

Third resolution: eat healthier.

Grade: B

I didn’t eat the healthiest, but I did try to cut back on portions and chips, and opted for healthier choices at restaurants. (Vegetables and mashed potatoes instead of fries, etc.) Not fabulous, but better than nothing. (I still gained, like, three pounds from sitting on my butt for nearly three weeks, but ah well. *grumbles*)

Anyway. Not the most stellar report-card I’ve ever had – it’s actually abysmal… I’m a straight A student. Do you think this is going to affect my college applications? 😛

Better luck next time. I’ll be sure to have my August resolutions up soon!

Have a great week.