BEDA Day 20: Getting Some Writing Done

Excerpt from my work today:

Caerwyn sighed. “What are you doing?”

Eila looked up. “I am painting.” She slapped her palm flat against the paint, making a smacking noise. “I am making art.”

Caerwyn shut her eyes and dragged her hand down her face. “Eila. Why do you insist on acting like you’re five years old?”

“You’re jealous,” Eila sang. “You’re jealous because you have to stay up and work and I get to paint.”

“I am many things, but I am not jealous. Not of you.” Caerwyn narrowed her eyes. “Not now. Not ever.”

The tone of her voice caught Eila’s attention. Her hand paused mid-stroke and she looked narrowly over her shoulder at Caerwyn. She said nothing and returned to her painting, a wry smile on her face.

Vaguely disconcerted, Caerwyn sat back in the alcove across from the cell and studied her scuffed boots. Hours passed with no sound but the swishing of Eila’s hand across the burlap and the near-silent splatter of paint. Caerwyn found herself humming softly and picking at the lint on her breeches. She couldn’t place where she’d heard the tune, but it was strangely evocative… She felt a swell in her heart and a smile graced her lips.

She glanced over at Eila and saw the princess staring at her, grinning. “Bravo.”

Caerwyn furrowed her eyebrows. “Beg your pardon?”

“First spell, I imagine,” Eila said, wiping her hands on her shift. “Without words, too. Impressive.”

Caerwyn’s eyes widened. “What…?”

“And apparently subconscious.” Eila picked at a smear of paint on her forehead. “Look at your hair.”

The ends of Caerwyn’s hair were floating about her head, drifting slowly upward. She realized that she’d been humming the tune she’d heard Eila hum in the memory. Instinctively, her hand shot up and snatched it up in a handful, dragging it back down around her shoulders. “How…?”

She glanced over at Eila, who had paused with her hands poised over the linen on the floor, red paint dripping from her fingertips. The princess’s eyebrows were furrowed and she appeared to be thinking. “Curious.”

Caerwyn almost responded, but realized she actually didn’t want to hear what Eila was going to say next. She went back to staring at the wall, silent.

Eila made a vaguely disconcerted noise in the back of her throat and smacked her hand against the wall of her cell. “I know you’re wondering,” she lilted, pressing another handprint onto the stone. “Don’t deny it.”

Caerwyn sighed and turned to watch the princess adorn her cell with red handprints. “I have no objection to you speaking if you so wish,” she said, feigning indifference, “but I couldn’t care less about what you have to say.”

Eila chuckled, her protruding ribs shifting at the action. “Don’t lie to me, Caerwyn, darling. I am not as stupid as you think.”

Caerwyn massaged her temples and sighed. She got up from the bench and walked over to the bars. “I don’t think you’re stupid,” she said.

Eila looked at her over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

Caerwyn shrugged. “I don’t think you’re stupid. I do, however, think you’re conceited, arrogant, annoying, barking mad, childish…”

“Childish?” Eila pouted. “That’s unfair.”

Caerwyn crossed her arms across her breastplate and said nothing.

“I hate you,” Eila said, scowling. She returned to her ‘painting.’ Before Caerwyn could reply that she knew that, Eila went on. “And surely you can’t think that magic comes automatically. It’s rough.” She flicked paint at the wall. “The fact that you’re doing it already with hardly any study means that you’re more gifted than I previously anticipated.”

“Meaning…?” Caerwyn asked, against her better judgment.

Eila cackled wryly, wiping her hands against her shift and settling onto her cot. “Because I’d tell you.” Her eyes narrowed. “We’re not friends, Caerwyn. Remember that.” She pulled the threadbare blanket on her cot up over her shoulders. “Put that torch out, would you?”

Total crap, but whatever.

Random update: today I went to a discount book store to try and find the books on my history book list, and of the twenty I needed, I found one.


Obviously they had that one.

I’m slightly annoyed that there’s no Shakespeare on the list this year… I guess I’ll have to do the Shakespeare course myself. 😛

Have a great night. Sleep tight, my darlings.



I Got Tagged (Also, Julia is a Butthead)

Disregarding the fact that Julia is awesome and has been helping me through some issues I’ve been having recently (which is why I didn’t blog yesterday, FYI), she tagged me in a ridiculous meme and I now hate her forever.


So to make up for not posting yesterday, here is this MARVEL of a blog post. Enjoy.

The Lucky 7 Meme Award Rules are as such:

1. Go to the 7th or 77th page of your work in progress.

2. Go to the 7th line of the page.

3. Copy the next 7 sentences or paragraphs. Remember, they must be as they are typed.

4. Tag 7 authors.

5. Let them know they’re it!

Okay, so step one. *opens Semper word document*

Step two: *locates 77th page and 7th line*


Eila made a face. Clearly Caerwyn had some sort of romantic feelings for Rhys – and Eoin and Rhys had them for her. What she had said to Seamus earlier had been right: apparently everyone was in love with this stupid girl.

She pushed Rhys away. “Shoo, both of you. Eoin, you have guard duty! You’ll be late!”

Eoin looked concernedly at her. “Aidan will cover me. Are you sure you’re…?”

Caerwyn rolled over, burying her face in her pillow. “Let me be, I’m fine. Both of you worry like old mothers with nothing better to do.”

Rhys put a hand on Eoin’s shoulder and led him toward the door. In the darkness, Eoin stumbled over another book and into one of the many bookshelves. There came a series of dull thuds as a number of books fell to the ground.

A muffled groan echoed from Caerwyn’s landing. “Eoin, you git!”

Eoin looked sheepish. “Sorry,” he muttered, gathering up the books and setting them on the bottom step of the staircase. “G’night, Caerwyn.”

Now, as for the next couple steps, I am too lazy/refuse to tag other people. Hurrah.

I’m pretty busy with VBS this week, but maybe on Wednesday I’ll snap a picture of my costume for the week and post it – I’m a 60’s flight attendant. It’s pretty awesome.

Write later, my loves,


P.S. I won a comment contest on This Page Intentionally Left Blank, which is this super awesome blog that updates way more regularly than I do – so you should check it out. 🙂 As a prize I get to write a guest post, so I will definitely link to that when I do.

P.P.S. Shout out to my friends Tatiana and Julia (even though I hate her right now, haha) – they really are some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for and I love them to complete pieces. Go read their blogs: they are much more intelligent and awesome than I. 🙂

Bonus Post: Blame Ari

I was over on Ari’s blog (go check her out, she’s awesome), and saw that she had made a bunch of online dolls of her characters from her books… And since I’m always up for some good old time wasting (note here that I still haven’t written a word today and I didn’t write yesterday and it’s 8:30 PM and I need to somehow write 3,000+ words before I go to bed), I decided to BLATANTLY STEAL HER IDEA and make the characters from Semper.

From left to right: Rhys, Eila, Caerwyn, and Eoin. Caerwyn’s wearing yellow like her dress in the prologue, though I’m thinking this is a later time period as none of them look 13… 😛 I’d have to play with it more to get it exact – I was envisioning a different collar and short sleeves. Also, Eila has black gloves because the doll program obviously won’t let you give a doll bloody hands. Rhys’s hair is the wrong color, but I don’t even care. This was fun. 🙂


P.S. Haha, Ari, I did not intentionally use the same background. It just happened. (Also, your characters look wayyyy better… Mine are all lazy and simple… But my characters are actually IN this time period, and wouldn’t wear all the fancy stuff, lol.)

ETA: I redid Caerwyn, all by herself. Again, she doesn’t look thirteen, and she’s missing the big giant collar I had originally pictured, but look at her hair! Black Initiate ribbon! WIN!

Camp NaNoWriMo, Orchestra Auditions, and Shakespeare in the Park

In that order. Let’s go.

Camp NaNoWriMo

As of three days ago, I’ve been hanging out here at the scenic Camp NaNoWriMo. (Translation: sitting at my computer in my bedroom drinking too much coffee.) I’m making pretty good progress – I’m already at 6,400 words, but I’m nowhere near my friend Tatiana! She’s at 16,000 already and it’s only day three! It’s ridiculous. I swear, my number one motivator this month will be my inane desire to BEAT HER WORDCOUNT. YES.

Anyway, I haven’t really got a decent summary just yet – on the Camp NaNo site I just have a quote up: “Beware when battling with monsters, that you do not become a monster youself. For the longer you gaze into the abyss, the longer the abyss gazes into you.”  It kind of summarizes Eila, and it works well as a summary, so. 😛

Since I don’t have a summary, here’s a quick excerpt. (A quick warning, it’s a teensy bit graphic.)

Caerwyn figured she had a grand total of five minutes before Seamus noticed her absence and sent someone to fetch her. She had to make the most of her fleeting moments of freedom, and somehow do something in that time that would make the rest of the night bearable. She knew from living in the castle for the past few months that there was a fountain in the middle of this courtyard – perhaps if she could cool down a little now, it would fortify her enough to endure the sweltering temperatures inside for the rest of the night.

She grimaced. Unlikely, but it was the best idea she could come up with.

Itchy, stupid yellow dress trailing behind her, Caerwyn tramped down the steps into the courtyard and over to the fountain. Over the sound of the bubbling water and her own footsteps, she thought she heard someone else in the courtyard. She stopped and squinted through the darkness. “Hello? Is someone there?”

There was no answer, other than the small splashing sounds coming from the fountain. Caerwyn frowned. “I won’t go telling on you, if that’s what you’re worried about – I’m not supposed to be out here, either.”

In reply she heard what could have been the swish of a cloak, but she suspected it was just her idiotic dress rustling behind her.

“Hearing things,” she muttered to herself, shaking her head and continuing over to the fountain. She plunged her hands in and rubbed water on her face, relishing the cool droplets running down her cheeks. She repeated the gesture, this time accidentally getting some in her mouth.

Caerwyn froze. There was something off about the water. It had a metallic taste to it, which was odd, because the water came directly up from a spring into the fountain, and never had any contact with metal. Nobody tossed coins in it – nobody had any to spare. So why did it taste like…

…Why did it taste like blood?

Caerwyn immediately spat the water out of her mouth. She remembered that taste from when she’d fallen and cut the inside of her lip in training last week. Somehow this water had been tainted with blood, which meant that something in it was bleeding, or someone had bled into it, or… or something! Frantically, Caerwyn yanked up the hem of her gown and wiped the bloody water off her face, staining the skirt.

Why was there blood in the water? She peered in, but it was almost impossible to see anything in the moonlight. Leaning closer, she noticed something on the other side of the fountain, bobbing slightly as the water ebbed against the basin of the fountain. Caerwyn reached across the water, fingers grazing it.

What is that? She couldn’t reach, and instead darted to the other side of the fountain, plunging her hands in and grabbing it out of the water.

The horror of what Caerwyn had retrieved from the fountain took a few moments to register in her mind. She stared at it blankly, heart stopped in her chest, hands shaking.

It was a baby. His soaking raven hair was plastered to his forehead and his bright blue eyes were still open. His lips were tinged with purple and he was leaking blood all over Caerwyn’s hands.

Caerwyn recognized the eyes, the shape of the nose, the birthmark over his eyebrow. It was the prince. The newborn prince – the entire reason for this banquet – dead in Caerwyn’s grasp, a huge gash running the length of his stomach.

The full realization of what she was holding finally hit her, like a blow to the chest, and she screamed. The prince fell from her hands and landed back in the water with a sickening splash. Caerwyn’s heart was hammering in her chest, her knees were giving out under her, and she could not for the life of her stop screaming. Her voice caught in her throat and she felt like she couldn’t breathe. It was like her brain was swelling inside her head, and the pressure made her head pound.

Okay, onto the orchestra auditions: I did well on my solo, my excerpt was fine until the end (ugh), my hands were shaking so much on my scale that my bow slipped at one point (double ugh), and my sightreading was disgusting. Like, disgusting. But oh well. I think I did all right, so fingers crossed I get it. I’ll know soon. In the meantime, I’ll be in my room, writing and pretending it never happened. 😛

Finally, Shakespeare in the Park! (I’ll make this quick because a friend of mine is bugging me on Skype and I find it difficult to write and IM people at the same time, haha.) I met up with Frankie and Lauren and their family and went to see Othello at the Botanical Gardens – it was awesome. It was so hot for an hour or so before the play started, but then the sun finally started to go down and it was such a nice temperature. And the play was just incredible – the guy who played Iago was fantastic, and I have officially decided that Iago is the best villain ever.


After the play was over, I bought a t-shirt.

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to all my Camp NaNo cabinmates! Here are links to all their profiles, as well as mine.







It’s seriously the best cabin ever. 🙂

All right, well, off I go to either talk to my friend or blow him off and watch Leverage… (Haha, Nick, this is what you get for being mean.)

I’ll talk to you guys Wednesday! Thanks for being the best. ❤


P.S. Has anybody else been watching The Legend of Korra? I am loving it, it’s so amazing. (Also, Bolin is flawless. Just sayin’.)