Could it be?

Pictures of my room? It can’t be possible.

And yet it is! My room is far from finished, but I got some things tidied up the other night (at 9:30 – but I’d had coffee a little after 7 and was kind of running high… :P) and decided to photograph them!


The top of one bookshelf…

And some randomified close-ups.


Other bookshelf!



(Serendipitously, you can’t see any addresses on those letters, so I can actually post that picture.)


My reading nook (taken day after – obvious from the daylight outside).

And gee… what could this be?


Guess you’ll find out next time! 😉 Needless to say, it’s exciting news!




BEDA Day 24: Lunch Break and a Countdown

Hello, dearies. I’m eating grapes.

It’s now exactly one month until a bunch of movers barge into our house and take all our stuff away and then shove it haphazardly into our new house, probably breaking 25% of it after which we will spend until Christmas trying to get everything out of boxes.


Anyway, figured I’d share some of my decorating ideas with you.

As I’ve said before, my initial plan was to decorate my entire new room to be steampunk, because I am JUST THAT AWESOME, but then I sort of realized that I have a lot of stuff that isn’t steampunk that I don’t want to just toss, so I came to a compromise. I’m going to have some steampunk elements for sure, but I’m also going to throw in vintage and quirky and nerdy things… It should be interesting.

For the walls, I’ve been thinking Autumn Moon – it’s a Valspar color, but on the virtual painter on their website makes it look a lot more yellow than it does gold, so I may rethink that.

I’m going to stain my wooden bed a dark glossy brown, and I have three quilts I’m considering. One is blue and white, and probably my favorite quilt that we have, another is green striped, and then the last one is rose and sage green striped.

On either side of my bed, I’m going to have my white bookshelves, set up in the same way I have them now. On the left, I’m going to put my typewriter out and above it I’m going to take those three quotes I mentioned a while back, print them out in typewriter font and frame them in mismatched 5×7 frames.


Helen Keller

On the right I’m going to set up my Great Aunt Madeline’s ancient sewing machine, and above that I’m going to frame (in mismatched frames again) three of my vintage-before-they-were-vintage sewing patterns… (For symmetry, you see.)

Then above my bed, I’m going to put up my Steampunk-y clock that I bought last year because it was so perfect. 😛

I want to take the door off the closet because for some reason it opens inwards, so I can’t actually use half the closet – no door, no problem. I’m going to hang a (hopefully) faded English flag as a curtain over the door so the trainwreck that is my closet it not visible all the time. 😉 Sort of this style type thing:

And then I’m going to hang my various assortment of artwork around… Both the paintings I’ve done and the posters I own, namely these two:

(I wish I’d bought the red version of this, since that’s the original, and it would go so much better, but unfortunately I have the purple because when I bought it I was obsessed with purple. I also wish I had the DFTBA version, but whatever. C’est la vie.)

And then of course I’m going to have books everywhere. I’m hoping to have a mantlepiece put up across from the bed for my various knickknacks and books that don’t fit on the shelves, etc.

I also want a companion cube somewhere, but I have plenty of clay from art camp, so I can sculpt that and have it fired myself. 😉

Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll post progress pictures for y’all as it comes along.

Have a great afternoon!