BEDA Day 8: Halloween Costumes in August

It’s not surprise to people who know me that I start planning my Halloween costumes on November 1st – as soon as I shed the costume I’m currently wearing. And, as my brother constantly points out, I change my mind rather a lot.

Case in point – since All Saint’s Day 2011, I’ve wanted to be Coraline, Toph, Ariel, Nessarose, Elphaba, Glinda (I waffled back and forth between those two), a corpse bride, Éponine, and a con artist. I’ve ‘settled’ on con artist, but only because I’ve roped my friends into it and they’re holding me to it.

While I was in Florida, Essie asked me to sketch some concepts, so here they are.

Note: I’m slightly obsessed with Leverage, so these costumes are loosely based off of the characters from the show – except that all the male characters (with the exception of Nate), have been genderbent. 😛













(aaaand Tanith)

Well, that’s it for me today. I still have two more of these posts to write before writing my actual post for Sunday, which I have high aspirations for and is probably going to stink.

Maybe I should just go write that now.

No updates for reasons previously stated.