Forgot I hadn’t blogged yet today…

So I ate ice cream and watched Vicar of Dibley in blithe ignorance. Because I failed so abysmally, I offer you a list of alternative reading material:

A post on how my favorite color is apparently in vogue (not that I care, and wear it anyway)

A dialogue on ‘New Feminism’ (which might actually be a type of feminism I could get behind)

Pretty Books’ top 10 books of 2012

Karen Kavett’s photo review of And Then She Fell

My new Goodreads profile (this is cheating, but I figured I’d link to my 50 books progress somewhere extemporary to the blog)

Two awesome posts from The Catholic Young Woman: one commemorating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade & an inspiring one about growing deeper in prayer this year.

Hope you enjoy! I’m off to read Les Mis and pretend I haven’t spent the last half hour tooting around the ‘net.

Best wishes (and dreams AKA space [if you get the reference I will love you]),

P.S. Shout out to D for totally awkward philosophical discussions. We rock.


Someday My Prince Will Come

But not before the promised Snow White post. 😛

A few orders of business before I get on with it.

  1. I forgot to link to John Green’s Great Gatsby videos last post, so here you go:
  2. If anyone is interested, I’ve compiled my entire Great Gatsby analysis into a PDF that y’all can download for future reference or whatever you’d like to use it for (I will be so flattered if it helps you in understanding the book and writing a paper on it; however, I will the complete opposite of flattered if you copy and paste sections from it into said paper… That is plagiarism and it is highly frowned upon. Also, this analysis is so badly organized that you will flunk if you try to submit it as a paper. So don’t even try. Thanks.) Click here for the PDF: Gatsby
  3. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, so I most likely won’t be able to blog. Also, prayers that it all goes well would be more than appreciated.

So, in the last few days, I’ve watched more than half of the first season of Once Upon a Time. I’m in love with the show, and my absolute favorite character is Mary Margaret (Snow White). She’s adorable, and it’s kind of impossible not to love her.

I especially love her style. It’s very classy, sort of vintage and modern at the same time, with lots of sweaters, and Peter Pan collars, and crocheted berets. I’m going to put together three outfits based on three of her outfits from the show.

Outfit #1: 7:15 A.M.

I’m having a really hard time finding screenshots of Mary Margaret, and I failed at taking some myself, so I’m going to just cite the episode each outfit is from, and then when you inevitably go watch the series, you can see the example.

My first outfit comes from Season 1, Episode 10 – 7:15 A.M. At the beginning of the episode, Mary Margaret wears this outfit to stop at the cafe to catch a glimpse of David.

Blazer, Blouse, Scarf, Jeans, Boots, Tam

I love the blazer in this outfit: it’s fitted with elbow patches, a style I’ve always loved. (My very first orchestra conductor used to always wear a tattered navy blue blazer with dark leather elbow patches.) A bright red polka dot blouse pops from underneath, and a blue-green loop scarf acts as a mediator between the two. Dark leather jeans are tucked into black riding boots (in the episode, she wears rain boots, but I feel like riding boots make the outfit a little more day to day). A taupe beret (I found a knitting pattern exactly replicating Mary Margaret’s from the show) tops off the outfit. 🙂

Outfit #2: Whistle While You Work

This outfit comes from from Season 1, Episode 16 – inspired by Mary Margaret in her original persona back in the fairy tale land: Snow White. Obviously, this isn’t an exact representation, but I’ve complied a modernization of it in keeping with Mary Margaret’s style.

Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Bow, Tights, Shoes

The cream sweater layered over the skirt and belted with the mustard yellow belt, worn over berry red tights. Mustard yellow pumps and a classic Snow White red bow complete the look.

Outfit #3: Lesson Plan

Actually have a picture for this one:

This is from Season 1, Episode 6: The Shepherd (one of David’s first episodes).

Dress, Cardigan, Knee Socks, Watch, Shoes

This one is my favorite, I think. I sort of guessed at the outfit from the leg down (I don’t think you ever seen this one in full), but it seems like something Mary Margaret would wear. I love the shoes and the knee socks and the cardigan and the dress… Basically everything. (If only I could afford it! :P)

Well, that’s it for me tonight! I’m off to read some more of Brave New World (which is turning out to be really scary aghhh) and then head to bed. I’m up bright and early tomorrow morning because I’m getting anointed before Mass. 🙂

Leave your thoughts in the comments! Kira, I hope this was less depressing than all my Gatsby posts. (Also, since I promised I would say this: KIRA LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MARY MARGARET EXCEPT WITH BLONDE HAIR IT’S AMAZING SHE IS SO GORGEOUSSSSSS.)

G’night, my darlings!


BEDA Day 27: Crawling Toward the Finish Line

I am so exhausted. I have nothing to blog about.

My English friends sent me a London 2012 t-shirt.

I have a picture but the uploader hates me. Oh dear.

I had my first classes today. My history teacher seems awesome. My Latin teacher seems cool, too, but it’s Latin. Latin is never that fun.

I actually wore my Teacher’s Pet outfit today rather than pajamas. And I made dinner. I am very proud of myself.

Then I went to adoration.

And now I am here. Very sleepy. And going to bed soon.

BEDA is almost over. I am very happy about this.


BEDA Day 26: Beauty and the Brains

In the spirit of school starting tomorrow, I decided to do a post about something school related that I also really enjoy: fashion. I know I’m not really the kind of person who sticks out as a fashionista, and most of the time I’m too lazy to actually put together an outfit (sort of like how I love cooking but don’t do it a lot because I just want instant gratification). However, I really do enjoy making outfits and playing with clothes and styles – I consider it a challenge to make new outfits out of things I already own. I’ve put together four back-to-school outfits for y’all to maybe inspire you to put your best foot forward when you walk into class bright and early tomorrow.

Outfit #1: Teacher’s Pet

For this look, I paired cropped black slacks with a jewel purple tank top and teal ruffle cardigan. Cap-toed flats and a string of pearls complete the outfit, riding the line between teacher and student. 😉

(My pose is totally awkward, but that’s what I get for having my brother take pictures, eh?)

(Tank top, Eddie Bauer; cardigan, JCPenney; slacks, Eddie Bauer, flats, Target [but really Goodwill – they’re Target brand shoes that I got from Goodwill, haha].)

Outfit #2: Jealous of My PhD?

Obviously none of you have a PhD. But this outfit just looks so professor-y to me that I had to call it that.

A denim sleeveless blouse tucked into dark brown slacks (that were originally bought for Tanith – they fell off her tiny little hips, though, so I basically stole them… They’re even a little big for me, but I took the tags off just for you guys) and  a mouse brown blazer make up this outfit. A simple blue pendant and brown heeled boots make it look like you’re the one teaching the class. (Read as: these pants are too long for me to wear with flats. *headdesk*)

(Blouse, Eddie Bauer; slacks, SAM’S CLUB [serious fashion hotspot, I know]; blazer, Ann Taylor Loft; boots, Liz Claiborne.)

Outfit #3: Field Trip!

(Before I go on: these first two outfits were photographed by my brother and mom, respectively. Then my whole family quit on me and went to bed, so I had to take the rest of these pictures by myself. THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU. Anyway, excuse the awkward composition. I did my best.)

Since the first two outfits are very grown-up/professional looking, I drew inspiration for the next outfit from grade school.

JUST LOOK AT THOSE PIGTAILS. This outfit is school bus ready complete with a grey jumper, a pink collared button-up and striped knee socks. (Also, OWL CONVERSE & LUNCHBOX. I love owls.) I realized after the fact that a bow tie would be a nice touch, but I couldn’t be bothered to change back into the outfit and retake all the pictures. So, just imagine a black clip-on bow tie with this and you’re good to go.

(Jumper, Goodwill [I love Goodwill]; button-up shirt, Ralph Lauren; socks, Target [I think? I got them when I was eleven.]; Converse, [my aunt ordered them for a Christmas gift]; lunchbox, I have no idea it was a birthday gift but ISN’T IT AWESOME?)

Outfit #4: Art Class

Thank goodness this is the last one. I am starting to get REALLY TIRED of WordPress’s picture uploader. It hates me. Really, it does.

(Sorry about how out of focus this one is. I had the camera propped on my Hitchhiker’s Guide and my Jules Verne anthology and the self-timer was confusing. Like I said, I tried.)

The draping of this blouse has a really artsy vibe to it, and I like the aesthetic of it paired with the straight leg jeans and cowboy boots. (Another show of my love for you guys: those boots take me a good five minutes to put on because they are too dang small.) I layered a scalloped neck black tank under the turquoise blouse and finished things off with some beaded/charm bracelets.

(Blouse, [wait for itttttt] GOODWILL!; jeans, Old Navy; scallop-neck tank, Eddie Bauer; boots, mom’s closet [I seriously don’t know]; charm bracelet, James Avery; other bracelet, somewhere in England [Emma sent it to me].)

Okay, so I fully expect you all to look fabulous for your first week of school because of this post. Remember that the point of fashion isn’t having the most expensive clothes or looking better than everyone, but expressing yourself. And you don’t need to go out and buy new clothes to have be stylish. I made all of these outfits with things I already had in my closet. I challenge you to put together back-to-school outfits using things you already have. (And if you absolutely must go shopping, I’m not even kidding, go to Goodwill. Yes, it sometimes smells like dead people, and yes, it’s full of junk, but if you spend enough time really looking, you can find some cute, fun stuff for VERY LITTLE MONEY. It’s awesome.)

I really enjoyed making these outfits, and I probably would wear them if I went to school. As it is, my school has a slightly different uniform.

I don’t care that I’m reinforcing a stereotype. My pajamas are comfortable. I am unashamed.

Have a great first week of school, everyone! Tell me in the comments if you liked this post, and whether or not you’d like to see more fashion posts from me in the future! (And if you’re one of my guy readers: I already know your answers and am choosing to ignore them.)