July Resolution

Eat Breakfast

I’ll be taking pictures every day so that hopefully by August I can present to y’all 30 days of breakfasts.

I’ve lost ten pounds in a year from not eating well. I’m still a vaguely healthy weight but it’s time to start eating right and taking care of myself again.

June recap post soon.



Some 2014 Blogging Goals

Howdy, howdy, guys! So, the fact of the matter is that while active this blog may once again be, regular it is not. To try and amend this, and to push myself to do new things and take blogging more seriously this year, I’ve come up with some blogging goals this year. These goals are hopefully not only going to improve the quality of this blog (I’ve been dumping a lot of filler on y’all recently, for which I apologize), but also—hopefully—the quality of my life in general. The things I’m challenging myself to write about and do will get me moving on things I’ve always wanted to do but never gotten around to; you guys are here to hold me accountable.

First Blogging Goal: Blog Regularly

From now on, posts should be up regularly on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays (if possible—some Sundays I’m just completely swamped). That should at be at least two posts a week, and you are more than welcome to hassle me about it if I’m late or don’t live up to that.

Second Blogging Goal: Start Some Series

Is that the plural of series? I think so. ‘Serieses’ seems very off. (Future English major over here, watch out.) Anyway, I have a couple of ideas for some post series, and I’d like to start them this month or next and continue them over the year.

Monthly Resolutions. I already do these sometimes, but I’d like to make them a regular thing. They help me build good habits and just in general do better stuff. (Descriptive today, aren’t I.) Basically, I’ve been feeling in need of making changes in my life, and these resolution posts help me do that in small steps.

I Do Go Outside, I Promise. Almost like thoughts from places posts, in a way. Basically, to challenge me to go out and do interesting things and then tell you guys about it. Mostly so people quit thinking I never go outside, which is only, like… vaguely true. *coughs* No, but seriously, I do some fun stuff and I want to talk about it, because I think it’s good to be introspective and thoughtful about normal goings-on. 

My Shelf & My Stand. Basically the general idea for this one is a lazy-man post where I just throw up one of the pieces I’m currently playing in music (therefore attempting to broaden the classical music awareness of all 68 of my followers) and some thoughts on what I’m currently reading. However, I think I’m going to sort of smear ‘my stand’ and expand it to include things that I am not playing on my cello—maybe I’ll change the title to My Shelf, My Stand, & My Spotify. I don’t know. Thoughts? I just keep discovering new music that I love and some of it is ultra-popular and some of it isn’t and sometimes I like to pretend you guys care enough to listen to me go on tangents about stuff I enjoy, regardless. Anyway.

Ordinary Heroisms. This is almost a subset of the monthly resolutions but you know, upon further reflection, not really. Ordinary Heroisms is just going to be a list of things I did over the week that I’m proud of myself for doing. It could be anything from taking a bike ride to cooking dinner to reading instead of sitting on youtube for an hour to acing a Latin quiz (ha, that’ll be the day). The objective is to remind me of all the good things I do and challenge me to do more (so I don’t have constant crises about how I’m lazy and terrible and all that jazz). I want to turn it into a link-up type of post, so those of you with blogs can share your Ordinary Heroisms of the week, or just put them in the comments if you’re personally blogless 🙂

Third Blogging Goal: Write Book Reviews. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but last year I kept up pretty regular updates on my book challenge over on the page specifically dedicated to it. One of my goals this year is to review every book I read, and if they’re of a good length, I will be posting them on the blog. (Even if they’re short, they’ll still go up on the blog, just over on the 40 Books Challenge page.) I even have one up right now—I bet you didn’t know that! Anyway, in summary, I’ll be reviewing every book of the year, and it will either come up here on the main blog feed, or I will update you guys as to when I have a short little review just on the challenge specific page.

Fourth Blogging Goal: Making Dinner Posts? This probably should have gone under my series goal, but there’s a little more explanation to it that I’d like to get into. So, as I get older, I get busier and more and more absent-minded. I find that I’m less conscious of what I’m putting into my body (well, I always have been, but in a junk food sort of way)—or of eating at all. More often than not I forget to have regular meals, and when I do have something to eat, it’s usually pretty bad for me. Since the summer of 2013, I have lost nine pounds out of sheer neglect of nutrition. That’s really scary to me. So one of my goals for the New Year (and yes, it’s an overused goal, but in my case it’s very serious to keep up) is to really pay attention to my health: exercising, going to bed earlier, and eating regularly and well. To motivate myself to do this, I’m going to try and cook dinner at least one a week, and sometimes make sort of a bonus post out of it. Now, like I said, the objective of this is to give me a reason to make dinner even if I don’t feel like I want to. However, if photographing the process and making posts about dinner slow me down or make it a pain to cook (i.e. discourage me from doing it), I probably won’t continue the posts. It’s basically just a trial run for now, to inspire me to make things I want to show off (healthy, yummy things), and maybe to inspire y’all as well, since I think we could all do to eat a little better. 

Well, that’s it for me tonight. I’m off to go hang out with my family and read a little F. Scott Fitzgerald. See you Sunday!

Best wishes,