BEDA Day 2: {pretty, happy, funny, real}

Since it’s BEDA, I kind of want to have a theme for each day of the week. Thursdays are going to take inspiration from Like Mother, Like Daughter and be a pretty, happy, funny, real post. For each category you post a picture that captures the word and a little description. I took a few pictures today for this, but my camera has decided to just quit on me and refuses to function. Ugh. Fingers crossed it’s just the batteries or something easily fixable so I don’t have to go get an entirely new camera.


The view from the dock at our river house… We practically live there during the summer.


Lego Woody and Buzz from when we went to Downtown Disney in Orlando on vacation. 🙂


Screenshot of my recent addiction… Pomplamoose. Specifically, this song. (I blame you, Morgann.)


What my desk currently looks like… Books and notebooks everywhere, a sharpie, coffee, and my earbuds.

And now we have friends coming over to watch the Olympics (this is what you get for canceling your cable, guys) so I have to go and help get ready/eat something.

Have a lovely evening!

Cello: Completed
Algebra: Completed
Exercise: Completed (did a Denise Austen ‘yoga burn’ video – I don’t think it’s possible to bend like that!)
Camp NaNo wordcount: 1,748 (haven’t written yet today)