BEDA Day 21: I am in Possession of a Catholic Dog (Also, Why Packing and Selling One’s House is Obnoxious) (PLUS: NEW GOALS!)

I say this because this morning I dropped down on my knees to say my morning prayers and Lena (the aforementioned Catholic dog) plopped down next to me so it looked like she was kneeling, too. For some reason when I kneel down to pray, she sits right down. It’s funny.

That’s Lena. She wouldn’t move while I was trying to make the bed, so she got made into it. This is pretty standard behavior for her.

Anyway, this can’t be a long blog post because my mom left the house this morning with a list of chores the length of my leg – I forgot how much I hate selling a house. Like, moving is fine. I don’t have problems with moving. I have problems with boxing up everything and making the house look as uncluttered as possible and keeping everything SPOTLESS on the off chance that somebody will call to come see the house. You’re on pins and needles, waiting for a phone call, and when that phone call finally comes, it’s a frantic rush to put everything you’ve been using away and make the house look clean again.

I remember, before we moved here and we had to sell our house, my friend Sam and I were playing Barbies and then my mom told us we had to clean up because people were coming to see the house, so Sam and I shoved all the Barbies under the bed because we didn’t have time (or didn’t want) to put them away correctly. Good times. 😛

Also, I promised a goal update, and here it is. I was looking at this website, DoodleAlley, and it inspired me to get back on track with writing and cello and my art, so my goals are as follows:

1. Get back into Camp NaNo. It’s possible to finish, or at least get close. 45,000 is where I’m aiming.

2. Master ‘Midnight Waltz’ by the end of September.

If I could play like this, I think I could be happy until the end of time.

3. Restrict computer use to evenings unless needed for school/writing/blogging/etc. (This is difficult because even if I do only open the computer for school, writing, blogging, whatever, I always end up getting sidetracked. I may fail this one.)

4. PRAYYYYYYY. My prayer life stinks. I’m gonna fix that.

That’s all for me today! I have four rooms to clean and breakfast to make and a shower to take. Have a great day!




BEDA Day 20: Getting Some Writing Done

Excerpt from my work today:

Caerwyn sighed. “What are you doing?”

Eila looked up. “I am painting.” She slapped her palm flat against the paint, making a smacking noise. “I am making art.”

Caerwyn shut her eyes and dragged her hand down her face. “Eila. Why do you insist on acting like you’re five years old?”

“You’re jealous,” Eila sang. “You’re jealous because you have to stay up and work and I get to paint.”

“I am many things, but I am not jealous. Not of you.” Caerwyn narrowed her eyes. “Not now. Not ever.”

The tone of her voice caught Eila’s attention. Her hand paused mid-stroke and she looked narrowly over her shoulder at Caerwyn. She said nothing and returned to her painting, a wry smile on her face.

Vaguely disconcerted, Caerwyn sat back in the alcove across from the cell and studied her scuffed boots. Hours passed with no sound but the swishing of Eila’s hand across the burlap and the near-silent splatter of paint. Caerwyn found herself humming softly and picking at the lint on her breeches. She couldn’t place where she’d heard the tune, but it was strangely evocative… She felt a swell in her heart and a smile graced her lips.

She glanced over at Eila and saw the princess staring at her, grinning. “Bravo.”

Caerwyn furrowed her eyebrows. “Beg your pardon?”

“First spell, I imagine,” Eila said, wiping her hands on her shift. “Without words, too. Impressive.”

Caerwyn’s eyes widened. “What…?”

“And apparently subconscious.” Eila picked at a smear of paint on her forehead. “Look at your hair.”

The ends of Caerwyn’s hair were floating about her head, drifting slowly upward. She realized that she’d been humming the tune she’d heard Eila hum in the memory. Instinctively, her hand shot up and snatched it up in a handful, dragging it back down around her shoulders. “How…?”

She glanced over at Eila, who had paused with her hands poised over the linen on the floor, red paint dripping from her fingertips. The princess’s eyebrows were furrowed and she appeared to be thinking. “Curious.”

Caerwyn almost responded, but realized she actually didn’t want to hear what Eila was going to say next. She went back to staring at the wall, silent.

Eila made a vaguely disconcerted noise in the back of her throat and smacked her hand against the wall of her cell. “I know you’re wondering,” she lilted, pressing another handprint onto the stone. “Don’t deny it.”

Caerwyn sighed and turned to watch the princess adorn her cell with red handprints. “I have no objection to you speaking if you so wish,” she said, feigning indifference, “but I couldn’t care less about what you have to say.”

Eila chuckled, her protruding ribs shifting at the action. “Don’t lie to me, Caerwyn, darling. I am not as stupid as you think.”

Caerwyn massaged her temples and sighed. She got up from the bench and walked over to the bars. “I don’t think you’re stupid,” she said.

Eila looked at her over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

Caerwyn shrugged. “I don’t think you’re stupid. I do, however, think you’re conceited, arrogant, annoying, barking mad, childish…”

“Childish?” Eila pouted. “That’s unfair.”

Caerwyn crossed her arms across her breastplate and said nothing.

“I hate you,” Eila said, scowling. She returned to her ‘painting.’ Before Caerwyn could reply that she knew that, Eila went on. “And surely you can’t think that magic comes automatically. It’s rough.” She flicked paint at the wall. “The fact that you’re doing it already with hardly any study means that you’re more gifted than I previously anticipated.”

“Meaning…?” Caerwyn asked, against her better judgment.

Eila cackled wryly, wiping her hands against her shift and settling onto her cot. “Because I’d tell you.” Her eyes narrowed. “We’re not friends, Caerwyn. Remember that.” She pulled the threadbare blanket on her cot up over her shoulders. “Put that torch out, would you?”

Total crap, but whatever.

Random update: today I went to a discount book store to try and find the books on my history book list, and of the twenty I needed, I found one.


Obviously they had that one.

I’m slightly annoyed that there’s no Shakespeare on the list this year… I guess I’ll have to do the Shakespeare course myself. 😛

Have a great night. Sleep tight, my darlings.


BEDA Day 6: Random Goal Update

Hi guys! Happy Monday!

I’m writing this on Sunday because from Monday to Friday I will be at art camp, in a wifi-less dorm room. (First of all: how? Second of all: I’M GOING TO DIE. 5 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT WIFI JUST SHOOT ME NOW.) But because I’m determined not to fail BEDA (because I’ll probably fail Camp NaNo and I can’t have two failures in one month), I am queuing up five posts (and writing them all tonight agh) for the week.

So if they all suck, that’s why. I’m writing five straight posts in one sitting. Instead of packing. *greatest work ethic ever*

Anyway, so I figured I’d give y’all an update on my August resolutions. I’m doing pretty well, but I am modifying my goals slightly. I’m giving myself the weekends off, because trying to get in all four of those activities around other weekend plans is – as I recently discovered – basically impossible. I did count yesterday for exercise, because I ran around at our river house with Frankie and Lauren and their family (the nicest family ever, I’m just saying) all day. Frankie beat me in croquet and I am annoyed at him. I’m also annoyed at him for laughing at the number of times I fell off the tube.

Revenge will come when he least expects it. [insert maniacal laughter here]

I have to say, I’ve actually enjoyed working out. We’ll see how long this lasts, but I’ve found that mixing it up and finding creative activities makes it easier than just trying to run on the elliptical for 45 minutes every day. That gets really old, really fast. The first day I did an aerobic thing on the Wii Fit, and the day after I did run on the elliptical. (And watched Say Yes to the Dress. No shame.) Friday I went outside early before it got too hot and I jumped rope and hula hooped and sprinted up and down the driveway and basically acted ridiculous. (The hula hooping was for you, Julia. I’m getting really good at it.)

As for my other goals: the Algebra is pretty easy right now because I’m still near the beginning of the review. I may jump to the middle to save time – identifying objects with the element of “three-ness” (if you’ve ever done Saxon, you know what I’m talking about) isn’t going to help me on the SAT. Cello is going well – I’m depressing myself because I recently discovered the band Escala, and, well… See for yourself.

And I will never be able to play like that. (Also, my shifts are really choppy. Which is annoying.) But other than that, I’m completely in love with my instrument and completely bummed that it might be a while before I’m able to get a really nice cello.

By the way, my orchestra season starts up really soon, so I’ll definitely tell you guys all about that! 🙂

Well, that’s it for me today. See you tomorrow (but really on Saturday when I actually get home).


BEDA Day 3: In Which Hero is More Artistic Than She Thought

Guess what, guys? Three days in and I’m already shirking responsibilities! Well, not quite yet.

The thing is, this morning I applied for art camp and I made it in – and it’s a week long, sleepaway camp. Which means I won’t be able to practice my cello, or work out, or write, or do my Algebra. (Unless I take my algebra books and do it in the evenings…) I dunno. Maybe I’ll be able to get some stuff done. I am slightly distressed, because that’s just how I function, but I am also really excited about camp because I’ve never gone to sleepaway camp before! Ever! At this point, I was resigned to my first sleepaway camp being college, but lo and behold, the things my mother signs me up for.

It turns out I actually have some artistic ability. Who’d have thought?

Anyway, this is a short post because, like yesterday, I have a lot to do – and I have to get ahead of my Camp NaNo wordcount for next week! Yikes!

Cello: Not yet completed
Algebra: Not yet completed
Exercise: Completed
Camp NaNo wordcount: 3,215 (1,623 left to write today – I got behind yesterday)

BEDA Day 1: In Which Hero Attempts to Become Massively Productive Instantaneously

Good morning, interwebs! Not only am I posting on time today, I’m posting early! Will wonders never cease?

The reason I’m posting so early is because I have a jam-packed day ahead of me. Actually, make that a jam packed month. Why? Because not only am I going to do BEDA, I’m also going to take another shot at Camp NaNoWriMo, and… Well, I’ll just skip to my resolutions and let you figure it out for yourselves.

August Resolutions!

1. Practice my cello daily.

Obviously, I didn’t have my cello with me in Florida, so I’ve fallen out of the swing of practicing every day. My cello is really important to me, not to mention that my orchestra season is coming up, so I need to practice.

2. Work out! (Daily.)

Like so many other nerds, I live a sedentary life. I work on the computer, play on the computer, play an instrument that requires you to be seated, when I have free time I watch TV (sitting down) or I sleep. Which is completely unhealthy and probably the reason I continue to gain weight despite the fact that I regularly forget to eat. (I’m not hungry, okay? Aaaand I snack all day. The apple pie at 3:00 was yesterday’s dinner. Promise.) So my goal is to actually get up and exercise for 45 minutes every day. Take a break from the screens, and go jump rope, or run on the elliptical, or maybe do an exercise video. As long as I’m up and moving (grocery shopping/library perusing doesn’t count).

3. Study Algebra for 30 minutes every day.

My SAT and PSAT scores were high, but the reason I get spam from colleges is because my English skills made up for my lacking math skills. Not that my math is awful – it’s still above average (yay, homeschooling), but not by a lot, and if I want to get my scores up to where I’d like them to be, I need to put myself through a self inflicted Algebra boot camp. It’s almost embarrassing how bad I am at functions. Seriously.

4. Write every day: for 45 minutes, or until daily wordcount is reached.

I didn’t write for the entire month of July, which is awful. I am a writer! I need to write! For the past couple days I kept imagining my twelve-year-old self looking at me and going, “I’m working so hard and my writing is awful. I don’t even have a chance. You’re good – you can get published, you can reach our dream. And you’re not even trying.” Twelve-year-old me is right! (For once. Twelve-year-old me was a complete brat, so I don’t know why I’m doing her any favors.) That’s why I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I need to write every day. That’s what writer’s do, and I am a writer.

I’m going to be really busy this month. But it’s all in keeping with trying to get me off the computer and turn off the TV and be productive. I know it’s a lot to keep track of, so I’m employing these handy-dandy charts:

That’s right! Don’t Break The Chain charts! I’ll make sure to update you throughout the month with photos of them, so you know I’m not lying about my accomplishments. 😉

As always, the resolutions idea comes from comes from the lovely Kelli Taylor at She Learns As She Goes.

Well, I’m off! I have to eat breakfast and then break out my cello. Rosin’s gonna fly, baby. 😛


Cello: Not yet completed.
Algebra: Not yet completed.
Exercise: Not yet completed.
Camp NaNo wordcount: 0

I Legitimately Forgot

I was working today, hunched over my computer, eyes glazed over, clicking intermittently… And my brain helpfully offered me this golden nugget of information: “It’s Thursday.”

And I was like, “Thank you, brain. I was aware that it is Thursday.”

“No, Hero, you don’t get it. It’s Thursday. As in, not Wednesday.”

*fpppppppppppp* “Oh.”

So, I’ve decided to sort of be lazy and stuff and give a general update on my life.

  • I AM FAILING NANOWRIMO. Like, seriously. FAILING MISERABLY. I haven’t even hit 25,000 words, but you know what? I got started writing a novel that I really enjoyed, and that’s all that matters.
  • Today is my friend Kristin’s birthday! (Notice, I linked to her tumblr: this is where I pretend that I don’t have the URL to her tumblr memorized because I have a life and stuff hahahahahaha…) Anyway, we met up with, like, a gazillion of our friends from church and we went to Cracker Barrel and Landon and Tanith and Odysseus and our awesome seminarian friend were there and it was a lot of fun. We got to Cracker Barrel at 9:15 and we left at — wait for it — 11:00. We finally yanked ourselves away from the table (to the relief of the waitresses) and then stood outside on the porch with all the rocking chairs for another ten minutes. It was a lot of fun and really awesome to get to have breakfast with my friends (first time I’ve ever paid for myself at a restaurant you guys: I’M SUCH A BIG GIRL). Kristin is beautiful and amazing and I freaking love her to death, so go to her tumblr and spam her ask with messages about how incredible she is because if there is one person on this planet who deserves ‘you are magical and a goddess’ spam, it’s her.
  • Tuesday night I went over to Essie’s house with the usual gang (plus Odysseus and Stella) and had a musical marathon. 😛 We watched West Side Story (which Essie somehow found neither romantic NOR SAD) and then we watched The Music Man — at which point Landon, Odysseus, and Stella (obviously those aren’t their real names, you guys – what terrible parent would name their children like that? I mean, all those names on their own are okay, I guess, but all three? Together? No worries, their real names are very not-crazy) had to go home because it was like, 11:40. *hd* And then Morgann and Essie and I stayed up until 2 watching Phantom of the Opera and the Phineas and Ferb musical… It was a lot of fun. I love my friends. 🙂
  • Working is annoying but being employed has benefits, such as being paid. So that’s that then.
  • I’m on a diet because I’m commiserating with a friend of mine, but my diet kind of stinks because I’m totally lame at dieting and I’m not exercising every day because I’m lazy. Also I ate cake yesterday that sent me wayyyyy over my calorie limit for the day (like, I was at 172% of what I was supposed to be at heh heh heh). But I’m trying. Yeahhh.
  • I really want to take a nap. Or maybe watch Mary Poppins. Or something.

Anyway, that’s all for me right now! I will now go pretend to have a life all holed up in my room watching Mary Poppins on my laptop.


Bonus Post: Blame Ari

I was over on Ari’s blog (go check her out, she’s awesome), and saw that she had made a bunch of online dolls of her characters from her books… And since I’m always up for some good old time wasting (note here that I still haven’t written a word today and I didn’t write yesterday and it’s 8:30 PM and I need to somehow write 3,000+ words before I go to bed), I decided to BLATANTLY STEAL HER IDEA and make the characters from Semper.

From left to right: Rhys, Eila, Caerwyn, and Eoin. Caerwyn’s wearing yellow like her dress in the prologue, though I’m thinking this is a later time period as none of them look 13… 😛 I’d have to play with it more to get it exact – I was envisioning a different collar and short sleeves. Also, Eila has black gloves because the doll program obviously won’t let you give a doll bloody hands. Rhys’s hair is the wrong color, but I don’t even care. This was fun. 🙂


P.S. Haha, Ari, I did not intentionally use the same background. It just happened. (Also, your characters look wayyyy better… Mine are all lazy and simple… But my characters are actually IN this time period, and wouldn’t wear all the fancy stuff, lol.)

ETA: I redid Caerwyn, all by herself. Again, she doesn’t look thirteen, and she’s missing the big giant collar I had originally pictured, but look at her hair! Black Initiate ribbon! WIN!