BEDA Day 9: {pretty, happy, funny, real} LeakyCon Edition

I have yet to do {p,h,f,r} correctly, because both times I’ve tried to do it, MY CAMERA HAS BEEN BROKEN. You’re supposed to use pictures you’ve captured over the week, but that’s not happening, so this time I’m using pictures I took at LeakyCon. Bite me.

Bad diagnosis on the camera, by the way. It’s not the batteries, it’s not the SD card – we don’t know what it is, but at this point it doesn’t look fixable.


I like my camera. It’s a nice camera! I got it for my 14th birthday, and I’m betting it wasn’t cheap. I am extremely frustrated that it is broken.

Only the good die young.

Anyway. Onto today’s post. (By the way, I am exhausted. Both right now, while I’m writing this, and right now, on Thursday morning when this is posted.)


I just love how the logo looks over the pulsating blue light, sort of an omnipresence throughout the entire conference. 🙂



A panoramic shot of the main stage area during the ball. This was such a great time, but a little bittersweet because I was really starting to miss my friends at that point. (Also, I’d asked Will Dunn to the ball and he couldn’t make it because he was flying back to England. Bummer.) Nevertheless, I still classify this as happy because it was such a fantastic time.



Joey Richter. No more explanation needed.



I put this under ‘real’ because this really drove home the fact that our story was ending. The morning of the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie it was crazy humid and all the hotel’s mirrors fogged up, so people wrote messages in them. (I wrote out “It’s real for us,” but I didn’t snap a picture.) This was the first one up, and I felt a pang when I saw it. We were so excited for the movie, but we didn’t want it to come, because that meant our journey was over. We’ll always be Harry Potter fans, but it will never be quite the same for us. There is nothing left for us to wait for, and that writing in the condensation reminded all of us of that. Yet another bittersweet moment.

I’m not going to queue up a Friday post. I’m holding myself in good faith that I’ll be awake enough to write one when I get home from camp, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Have a great day!