BEDA Day 17: The Final Installment

Part 1
Part 2

I’m pretty much sick of talking about art camp, so I’m wrapping things up here. To tie off any loose ends, I’m gonna show you my artwork and then mention that boy who I said would become relevant and maybe some other things, depending on how I feel at the end of this post. 😉

That’s a photo of my little gallery at our exposition. I may post close ups of these if you guys want me to. In the top right corner is an arcimboldo – the technique is to arrange fruits and vegetables into a face and then paint the fruit/vegetables. Mine isn’t the best, but here’s an example of an original Arcimboldo.

Next to that is a mask I did that was supposed to represent opposites – I did night and day, obviously, but I wish I’d done happy and sad instead. Next to the mask is a felted piece – Counting Sheep. Next to thaaaaat is a mandala – I really enjoyed making that. You create and circular symmetrical design (the mandala) and do each quadrant of it in a different sort of media – I used colored paper, metallic paper, watercolor, chalk, acrylic paints, and metallic markers.

(Note: I just went to go find the mandala and photograph it for you, but it has apparently been packed. Here’s a real mandala for your enjoyment instead. It’s not multi-media, obviously.)

Underneath the mandala is my masterpiece from the week. On Wednesday we were instructed to grab some paint and do a 16×20 canvas painting in three hours. I grabbed every tube of blue acrylic paint in the classroom, waltzed up to Miss Pam and said, “I want to do a Modigliani/Picasso cross in monochromatic blue.” She laughed for an inordinate amount of time before congratulating me on my death wish.

As you can see, I’m still alive, and the painting turned out well – though Picasso didn’t show up as much as I’d originally intended. Because I painted her entirely blue, blue sort of became a running joke about me during camp – if somebody couldn’t find the tube of blue, everyone would shout to go ask me if I had it; my friends would randomly start singing “I’m blue, da ba dee, da ba di,” just to tease me, and if I said, “Guess what color I’m using?” the whole room would respond, “BLUE.”

So to prove everyone wrong, I painted the painting of the sunset/ocean/hill whatever. Without any blue. At all. It was hard – I shouted about the orange wanting to stab me with a knife for about half an hour… In fairness, I may have had a concussion. But seriously, that painting brought out the crazy artist in me. I went insane.

And then the last piece is some weaving. Obviously.

Okay, before I sign off here, I’ll mention the relevant boy. So, this week at camp was strange for me in that I was outside of my bubble. Almost all of my friends are Catholic/homeschooled/pretty much share the same worldview as I do. This was my first time completely outside of that circle while old enough to actually realize it and experience it. What am I building up to? Basically: during art camp I got asked out for the first time in my entire life.

Sheltered? Maybe.

I had to turn him down, because I don’t date and lots of other complicated reasons (also, I don’t really subscribe to society’s view of dating – I don’t understand how you can like someone enough to want to go out with them without knowing really ANYTHING about them).

Anyway, I’m off to bed. If you have any questions about camp or whatever, or if you want to see some close ups of paintings, say so in the comments. Your wish is my command! 🙂



BEDA Day 16: Art Camp Saga Part 2

Part 1

Hiya! So once again I put off writing this blog post until late in the evening so now I’m exhausted and I have to get up early tomorrow to babysit. I tell you guys, I am going to be so happy when August ends and I go back to writing twice a week.

You should see my journal, though. Basically empty. Maybe I’ll print out all my blog posts and glue them in, haha. *cheating*

So here we go, more art camp talk.

A basic day at camp consisted of getting up at around seven, getting ready, heading off to breakfast, walking fifteen minutes from breakfast to the art building, painting/sculpting until lunch time, then trekking off to lunch, trekking back, painting some more or felting or working on other various art projects. Then we’d go eat dinner and come back to do night projects – we made huge collaborative paintings, we studied street art and how to translate elements from graffiti and street art into contemporary paintings… It was pretty cool. We also did some song writing, which was… interesting.

Then we’d go back to the dorm around nine-thirty and all the other girls would go out and hang out with the boys from tech camp, and excluding the one night I sat on the steps with two girls and this one guy (who is going to become relevant later), I generally just took a shower and shut myself in my room to work. I did a lot in my sketchbook – rather than journalling, I would pound out annoyance and frustration into artwork. I’m pleased with the results. Other times I would have things that I didn’t finish in class that I would work on in my dorm. To quote an email I sent to Sepp:

“I do have wifi but basically no time to be online because I have so much work to do – right now I have to go sketch out a duplicate of my graffiti stencil design and then rewrite an entire Taylor Swift song.”

(For those who care: the rewriting of an entire Taylor Swift song didn’t happen. My roommates were too loud.)

Oh, see, roommates in plural? Yes. Mid-week G & B (A’s cronies, if you’ll remember) ended up causing issues with M and OtherK, who were their roommates, so they came over and pretended to be nice and asked if we could switch rooms with them and we said yes because we’re nice and even though I didn’t really want to, K was all for it and I don’t make things difficult if I don’t have to.

We quickly learned not to phone home whilst OtherK was in the dorm, because she would shout inappropriate/suggestive things at you while you were on the telephone that sounded really bad if you weren’t there.

For example:

“Oh my gosh, put your clothes back on!”


“That’s disgusting! Go away!”

*headdesk* Aaaanyway. I soon became Dorm Mom and instituted what is referred to as The Disney Rule.

The Disney Rule is as follows: if it would not be said or done in an animated Disney movie, DO NOT say or do it. The Disney Rule was, unfortunately, not very well followed, but it helped.

A little.

More from me tomorrow – if I don’t die while babysitting.

Au revior!


BEDA Day 15: In Which We Finally Discuss Art Camp

It took me three tries to correctly spell discuss. I hate sleep deprivation. COFFEE DOESN’T HELP! AH!

On a non-related note before we begin: today I was made a moderator on a forum I’m on, which is pretty dang exciting for me. I’ve wanted to be a moderator for ages, and now I am! 😀

One day I will stop using GIFs in all my posts. That day is not today.

Anyway, I am finally finally finally going to begin THE ART CAMP SAGA: the exciting tell-all from none other than yours truly.

I had an incredible experience at art camp. I never really considered myself an artist before last week – like, I could draw passably, but it wasn’t something I ever thought I would pursue or be really good at. But art camp changed me: it showed me how art isn’t just drawing a picture. It’s sending a message, sharing a point of view, trying to say something without physically saying anything.

The metaphysical aside, I’m going to quickly recap the first two days. I checked in and was given my dorm key and went to go dump my luggage. My dorm was on the third floor.



Look, I’m not trying to sound fat/lazy/whatever (who does?), but going up and down three flights of stairs numerous times on a daily basis is not an enjoyable experience. Ever. (And then on Wednesday some bozos from the tech camp broke the elevator in the art building as well, so we had to take the stairs there too, not to mention the miles of walking we did every day because the art building was obscenely far away from the dorms/cafeteria.)

I was initially put in a two room dorm, and my roommate was a nice girl we’ll just nickname K because I’m too lazy to nickname all these people. K wasn’t 11 – but she was 13. Me being older than everyone was a trend that continued throughout the entire week – a lot of the girls looked like they were 16 or 17 and then ended up being 13 and I felt stupid. Maybe it’s because they wore a lot of makeup and discussed rather mature subject material. I dunno. I’ll always be a sheltered, Catholic homeschooler. I like it that way, honestly.

K and I stuck together for breakfast on the first day, and I reached out to a girl named S, who ended up being rather a difficult person and I’m sort of glad our friendship didn’t work out (as awful as that sounds). In our first class, our teacher, Miss Pam (who was completely insane – I love her) told us about watercolors and acrylics and oils and cavorting ghosts and fruit people, etc. In that class I met OtherK and both Ms. (M and OtherM. Watch this get confusing.)

Another person I met on the first day was A, a girl who – on the surface – seemed nice. She got up and got water for everyone’s brushes at the beginning of class and she seemed generous and polite. But all it took was one teacher asking her to turn off her phone for the façade to drop. She was rude, mean, and shallow. She would say or do nice things to try and manipulate you. If you accidentally crossed her (like, I jumped up to grab the door when she wanted to, or something ridiculously stupid), she badmouthed you the whole time you were out of earshot. Her cronies, G & B, were even worse. Like, vapidity incarnate.

It was awful.

This is me being mean again, but I’d have to say that I enjoyed art camp, DESPITE the other campers. Even the girls who called themselves my friends weren’t people I found friendly or pleasant. Every day I found myself wanting more and more to ditch everyone and stay by myself in a corner of the cafeteria and art room, not speaking, just being alone.

It also prompted this:


Turns out being in emotional turmoil actually helped me produce decent art. I’d have to say that’s what I really learned this week – how to channel my messed up crazy insides and show them on a canvas or in a sketchbook or through a spray painted stencil. And that’s really going to stick with me. Art is a voice – one of many that I am blessed to have. I have something to say and, now, a new way to say it. That’s incredible.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the art camp saga – I’ll probably post photos of some actual artwork, so it should be good. 😉



BEDA Day 7: Things I’m Into (Or, Raising Awareness for LBD)

And by LBD, I mean neither ‘Little Black Dress’ nor some for-the-greater good cause.

I’m talking about a web series.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. It’s Tuesday! I’m enjoying art camp so far – or, rather, I’m assuming I am, since it’s still actually Sunday while I write this and I’m not actually at art camp yet. 😛

I’m also assuming that I’m very tired and it’s only going to get worse from here on out. (And here’s to hoping that my roommate is awesome and not, like, 11. Not that awesome 11 year olds don’t exist, but it would be nice if we’re the same age.)

So this blog post is completely unoriginal, but to be fair, I am not actually stealing it directly from Ari. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now…



Anyway, this is a post about things I currently enjoy. Please try not to fall asleep. There will be a quiz.

Portal 2

My friend Megan finally got me to buy Portal 2, and it’s not even funny how much I love this game. I haven’t had a lot of time to play it in the past week or so, but when I was in Florida I played it daily. It’s probably the most enjoyable video game I’ve ever played. It goes beyond the puzzles; it’s the plotting, the character development, the genuine humor of it all, while still maintaining an ominous feel… It’s challenging and interesting and addicting. And if you have the opportunity, play it. Gosh.

Murdoch Mysteries

I am not ashamed to admit that my grandma got me into this show. Something I haven’t mentioned before is how much I’m into murder mysteries. Like, I watch almost exclusively shows that involve somebody being dead in the first five minutes. (Exceptions include Downton Abbey, Top Gear – mostly, Phineas and Ferb, and the Dick Van Dyke show.) Murdoch combines murder mysteries with two other things I enjoy: the Victorian Era and Canada.

Okay, admittedly, I’m not a Canada fangirl. I don’t dislike Canada, I’m just not ridiculously enthused with it. I am apathetic towards Canada. Apologies. (Self restraint exercised here in not posting the Canada song.)

Anyway. Murdoch is great and the characters are lovable and Murdoch himself is Catholic, so triple-win. (Except he doesn’t really act Catholic – there are a bunch of things he does that makes me frown and go, “Yeah, these writers have no idea what actual Catholics act like.” But regardless.) The show also features one of my (many) OTPs. (Hero’s motto: if it breathes, I ship it.)

OTP are the two on the far right ❤


The Dick Van Dyke Show

I’m sorry, but the Dick Van Dyke show is seriously the greatest program available on Netflix. Sure, it’s cheesy sometimes, but it’s adorable, funny, and it’s Dick Van Dyke. Seriously. Just go watch it.


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Last, but very certainly not least, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. A friend of mine just informed me that I got him addicted to them and I regard this as a HUGE SUCCESS! If you haven’t gone and watched these yet, you are missing out. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (or LBD) are a modern day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice done in a vlog format. They’re hilarious, creative, thought-provoking (from a literary standpoint), and just awesome.

Here’s the first episode:

Well, I’ll stop wasting your time now and let you go watch the entire series. Go on. Shoo.

(But seriously: for the series to continue, it needs to have enough viewers to fund the project, which means you all need to go watch them because they’re just too amazing not to keep going.)

Hope you’re having a great week!

No update because I’m at camp creating ART. YEAH.

BEDA Day 6: Random Goal Update

Hi guys! Happy Monday!

I’m writing this on Sunday because from Monday to Friday I will be at art camp, in a wifi-less dorm room. (First of all: how? Second of all: I’M GOING TO DIE. 5 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT WIFI JUST SHOOT ME NOW.) But because I’m determined not to fail BEDA (because I’ll probably fail Camp NaNo and I can’t have two failures in one month), I am queuing up five posts (and writing them all tonight agh) for the week.

So if they all suck, that’s why. I’m writing five straight posts in one sitting. Instead of packing. *greatest work ethic ever*

Anyway, so I figured I’d give y’all an update on my August resolutions. I’m doing pretty well, but I am modifying my goals slightly. I’m giving myself the weekends off, because trying to get in all four of those activities around other weekend plans is – as I recently discovered – basically impossible. I did count yesterday for exercise, because I ran around at our river house with Frankie and Lauren and their family (the nicest family ever, I’m just saying) all day. Frankie beat me in croquet and I am annoyed at him. I’m also annoyed at him for laughing at the number of times I fell off the tube.

Revenge will come when he least expects it. [insert maniacal laughter here]

I have to say, I’ve actually enjoyed working out. We’ll see how long this lasts, but I’ve found that mixing it up and finding creative activities makes it easier than just trying to run on the elliptical for 45 minutes every day. That gets really old, really fast. The first day I did an aerobic thing on the Wii Fit, and the day after I did run on the elliptical. (And watched Say Yes to the Dress. No shame.) Friday I went outside early before it got too hot and I jumped rope and hula hooped and sprinted up and down the driveway and basically acted ridiculous. (The hula hooping was for you, Julia. I’m getting really good at it.)

As for my other goals: the Algebra is pretty easy right now because I’m still near the beginning of the review. I may jump to the middle to save time – identifying objects with the element of “three-ness” (if you’ve ever done Saxon, you know what I’m talking about) isn’t going to help me on the SAT. Cello is going well – I’m depressing myself because I recently discovered the band Escala, and, well… See for yourself.

And I will never be able to play like that. (Also, my shifts are really choppy. Which is annoying.) But other than that, I’m completely in love with my instrument and completely bummed that it might be a while before I’m able to get a really nice cello.

By the way, my orchestra season starts up really soon, so I’ll definitely tell you guys all about that! 🙂

Well, that’s it for me today. See you tomorrow (but really on Saturday when I actually get home).


BEDA Day 5: On Being a Sister


It’s late. On Sunday night. This is the fifth straight blog post I have written this evening. Why? Because I love all 32 of you so much that I spent the last two hours queuing posts for the rest of the week so I don’t fail BEDA. See the explanation on tomorrow’s post. 9:30 sharp.

Anyway. Today’s post is going to be philosophical, I hope, but it’s going to end up being really awful and crazy and not make any sense so HERE WE GO!

Oh, look, a kitty.


Tomorrow morning, bright and early, my brother and I are going to art camp. Sleepaway art camp. This is going to be my first sleepaway camp, and with the exception of Boy Scout camp, this will be my brother’s first time as well. Initially only my brother was going to go, and then Mom got the idea in her head to have me apply and then I made it in so now we’re both going. We’re going to be in separate parts of the camp – I’ll be doing fine arts, and he’ll be doing technology/graphic design – but I’ll see him at meals and stuff.

What really touched me is that while Mom was helping him pack this morning, he said to her, “I’m really glad Hero’s gonna be there.” He doesn’t want me in his particular group, but knowing that I’m going to be there makes him a little less nervous about being on his own. That means a lot to me, because knowing that he looks up to me as a protector and as someone who’s going to watch out for him… It makes me feel like maybe I’m doing this sister thing right.

My brother drives me crazy. We have a tendency to fight about nothing. Today we got into an argument about whether or not we’d had a particular argument before. Stupid? Absolutely. But even though he drives me crazy, I love him, and I see it as my specific duty to make sure nothing happens to him. So this week I’m going to keep my eye on him, and if I so much as sense that he’s getting picked on, it’s going to get ugly.

Because nobody gets to mess with my brother but me. Nobody.

I’m off to bed – it’s late and I have to be up eaaarly tomorrow. (For some reason we have to be at the dorms at 7 am! What madness is this!?)

Have a great week, everyone! 🙂


P.S. This post took me ages because I kept getting mesmerized by the cat and had to stop typing. I’m not even kidding.

BEDA Day 3: In Which Hero is More Artistic Than She Thought

Guess what, guys? Three days in and I’m already shirking responsibilities! Well, not quite yet.

The thing is, this morning I applied for art camp and I made it in – and it’s a week long, sleepaway camp. Which means I won’t be able to practice my cello, or work out, or write, or do my Algebra. (Unless I take my algebra books and do it in the evenings…) I dunno. Maybe I’ll be able to get some stuff done. I am slightly distressed, because that’s just how I function, but I am also really excited about camp because I’ve never gone to sleepaway camp before! Ever! At this point, I was resigned to my first sleepaway camp being college, but lo and behold, the things my mother signs me up for.

It turns out I actually have some artistic ability. Who’d have thought?

Anyway, this is a short post because, like yesterday, I have a lot to do – and I have to get ahead of my Camp NaNo wordcount for next week! Yikes!

Cello: Not yet completed
Algebra: Not yet completed
Exercise: Completed
Camp NaNo wordcount: 3,215 (1,623 left to write today – I got behind yesterday)