About Hero

IMG_0019This was originally written in third person when I was fourteen, but since I’m no longer James Joyce and dislike pretensions, I’ll go ahead and just write it in first.

I’m Hero; I named myself after a character from a Shakespeare play. I used to pretend Hero was my actual name, until one of my best friends said that ‘Hero’ was (and I quote) “maybe a little pretentious?” until I explained to him that Hero doesn’t mean I think I’ve got crazy superpowers, it’s a reference to Much Ado About Nothing.

To quote said best friend: “I should probably have expected that.”

Like I said, I’m turning over a non-pretentious leaf. Funny story about Hero; when I was a kid I read a lot of abridged versions of Shakespeare plays because I’m me (just check the “literature” tag, all will become clear) and I fell totally in love with Much Ado About Nothing. For some reason, though, I got Hero and Beatrice confused. Anyone who’s read the play will know this, but for those of you (most of you) who haven’t, Beatrice is really spirited and witty and a little bit of a jerk and Hero is very quiet and lovely and delicate. I identified hugely with Beatrice… except because I was nine years old and my brain apparently didn’t function, I latched onto Hero, thinking she was Beatrice. Well, the name stuck with me so here I am, basically completely the opposite of everything Shakespeare’s Hero represents. But that’s okay, I like to think I’m forging ahead and beating a new path for Heroes everywhere; Heroes who are vaguely loud and rambunctious and a little less than… delicate.

So I’m seventeen and a freshman in college and I really like to learn. Knowledge is nifty, man. “Aut disce aut discede.” Either learn or leave. Anyway, Pottermore stuck me in Slytherin, which fits me sometimes, but as I get older I think I’m probably more of a Ravenclaw (which is what I originally identified with, but I’m not sure I can go through the crisis of self required to change houses again – thought I do still have the tie). I’m über Catholic (it’s sad that I have to make that distinction, but I live somewhere where ‘Catholic’ doesn’t always mean what ‘Catholic’ should mean) & I really, really love that. (Sometimes this blog goes nuts and gets really Catholic. I can’t apologize, it’s a fundamental and foundational aspect of my being and I’m not going to shove that into a dark corner somewhere.) I’m a literature freak. My life’s motto is that “there is always a relevant Gatsby quote” (never once has this been proven wrong). The Great Gatsby is my favorite book, by the way, but I love almost every classic novel I read, and I have this really peculiar love of J. D. Salinger (Franny & Zooey book stole my heart). To quote Gatsby (and therefore prove myself correct, this is fun): “I was rather literary in college — one year I wrote a series of very solemn and obvious editorials…” I frequently write vaguely solemn and obvious editorials (it’s hard for me to write too solemnly, I’m restraining myself from using emoticons in this bio, it’s almost painful), but not for the Yale news… for myself in my journals, and if they’re not too abysmal, I dump them on this blog.

I’m a mediocre cellist — well, that’s slightly unfair to myself. I play well; but I’ll make the concession (and quote Aristotle in the process) that “well” can be said in many ways. I’m no Jacqueline du Pré, that’s for sure. But I love it and I bang away at it with my standard pigheaded perseverance (AKA that quality that probably got me stuck in Slytherin in the first place… I’m not one to quit things). Anyway, as a result of this incessant cello-ing, I am kind of obsessed with really enjoy classical music. Shostakovich, Dvorak, Brahms, Schubert, and Mahler are my five absolute favorite composers; they’re just amazing and wonderful and… everything, basically.

This way I don’t have to explain who Jacqueline du Pré is either.

I also love old swing music (think Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) and have an awkward appreciation for really awful 90’s pop music. (Do I know all the words to that one NSync song? Oh yes.) My ‘real music’ favorite bands are Arctic Monkeys and London Grammar. Beyond that, I love Marina and the Diamonds, Florence + the Machine, the Fratellis, Lorde (because I’m a doofus and yeah, jumped on that bandwagon) and a whole random assortment of music—to the point where my music taste can be called ‘eclectic’ at best and ‘what?’ at worst.

I basically have historian’s fallacy: I like things more if they’re old. Don’t ask me why, but if you find that one post with all the pictures of my room, you’ll see the ridiculous amount of old things I have lying around – and they’ve only grown in number since then, for the record. It’s not just things, it’s also music, literature, movies, fashion, art, philosophy… Everything, essentially. Old things just seem so much better… and when you remember that the general populace nowadays can’t even seem to remember to leave the apostrophes out of possessive “its”, perhaps you’ll understand where I’m coming from. (I spend a large amount of time weeping over the fate of society except not really I usually just weep over idiotic things like misplaced apostrophes. I’m quite the Grammar Nazi. Lynne Truss is my hero. I also really like semicolons. And parentheses. Obviously.)

I like tea a lot, too. Coffee more, I can’t shake my darn American roots. (And my dirty hipsterism means that I must love coffee and buy it for too much money at industrial looking coffee shops while wearing plaid and/or a sweater designed to look like a thrift store sweater that was actually bought for $80 at Urban Outfitters.) (I’m kidding; I don’t have $80, I shop at Goodwill not for fashion, but because I’m the cheapest person alive.)

Anyway, I have suddenly realized how darn long this bio is, so I’ll just stop it here. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you probably absurdly quickly because I basically have no life and spend an obscene amount of time on the computer. Thanks for reading!


If you can do it. But you are in love
with the impossible.


No. When I can no more, then I will stop.

Antigone, Sophocles


52 comments on “About Hero

  1. Julia Byers says:

    Great solution to the picture thing — this completely shows who you are without unveiling your big secret identity. (:

  2. Christina says:

    Hi Hero!! ❤ your blog!! btw, if you don't recongnize me I'm ChristinaBallerina from MODG pb's. Can't wait for your next awesome post!

  3. Katie says:

    Hey, this is Katie from CHU. I wasn’t sure where to post this, but… Yeah, anyway, I was thinking that you could do some music reviews or something like that. I mean, I saw the one on “Ska8er Boi”, but I was thinking more like trending artists and popular media type such.

    • Hero says:

      …Maybe. I’m not generally into the trendy, popular stuff, but I can try my hand at some reviews. And the Sk8er Boi post was more of a critique (coughrantcough) than a review, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s awesome to see you here.

      • Katie says:

        Haha, yeah, I see what you mean…. You could also do like writing analysis, except that seems less interesting, unless you do it right of course. Or there’s just the everyday, random newsflash. 😛 Something along those lines…

        And your welcome! Awesome blog btw! I feel very inspired. 😉

  4. Erin says:

    Hey, I found your blog through your recent guest post over at Liam’s blog. I love it how you aren’t afraid of blurting (typing?) out your religion! You rock! Catholics are awesome and extremely underrated. Just saying. 🙂

    • Hero says:

      Thank you very much! That’s incredibly kind of you to say!

      Those who know me know that I’m not ashamed of blurting anything, really – but especially not the most important of who I am! I may be a Slytherin, a vegetarian, a homeschooler, but what is crucial and fundamental – my foundation – is that I am a Catholic, and heck no, I’m not going to hide that. 🙂

      Thanks so much for checking out the blog! It means a lot to me, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Hi Hero! This is my first time visiting your blog; I wish I could’ve done so sooner. I saw the Beifong Metalbending Academy badge, and I’m wondering (hoping) if you like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra? 🙂

  6. You are officially awesomer.:D Which series do you like best?

    • Hero says:

      I have to say that the original is my favorite, but I was pleasantly surprised by LOK… I’m really excited that we get four seasons of it! 🙂

      • It’s really close for me, because you know how LOK’s new and the graphics are really sweet, but the storyline was a bit rushed…Anyway, I heard that it was only going to be 2 seasons, but with 4 books. Still psyched! When do you think they’re going to air Book 2?

  7. Kerry says:

    I’m creating a blogroll of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. (http://letshomeschoolhighschool.com/homeschool-high-school-blogs/) I came across yours today and added your button to our list and feed. If you would rather not be on our list, please feel free to email me at info@letshomeschoolhighschool.com. Thanks in advance! Blessings…
    p.s. I’d love to have you check out the site or stop by our student forum if you get a chance!

  8. Kira says:

    You’re so cute. =)

  9. Anna smith says:

    Hey hero!! Just thought I would check out your blog. I REALLY like it:)

  10. dennis says:

    i have to say you are rather mysterious hero but agree with you that Sam barks is quite a talented young lady but there was plenty before her and wil be in the future but for now she will do for me

  11. dennis says:

    can you tell me if you have met her personaly or are you like me going on her performance in le mes and the other contest for the part in oliver and also mysterious hero what else are you into other than music

    • Hero says:

      Unfortunately, no, I have never met her. I’ve seen her performance in the Les Mis 25th anniversary and some of her numbers on I’d Do Anything…

      What am I into besides music? If we don’t include cello in music, then cello – but I also write, I’m a big nerd and so am into all those nerdy things, I like literature, ballroom dancing, horseback riding (occasionally), bowling really badly, hanging out with my friends, cooking (also badly)… Etc.

  12. dennis says:

    still mysterious is that your real name Hero? you play a cello so are you in a orchastra ?. What made you play such an instrument? and why do you call yourself a nerd ,yet like ballroom dancing so I am guessing you are a 30 plus person also you like musicals like le mes and you like Sam Bark when I would have thought if you are a female you would like he males like Alfie Bowe ummmm mysterious cant make you out at all will have to see if there are any clues in your reply this is fun

    • Hero says:

      Yes, I do play in an orchestra. I picked the cello because I liked the way it sounded and I’ve loved it ever since.

      Sorry, but no, I am actually fifteen and actually in high school. I like ballroom dancing because I to to ballroom dancing classes with a bunch of my friends – I actually went to one last night. We waltzed. Anyway, being a nerd does not always entail living in a basement and never leaving the house. My interests are nerdier than most, and my vocabulary is higher than the standard teenager’s – but that doesn’t make me a thirty year old, it makes me less shallow than the majority of my peers. I would appreciate you not believing me to a be a thirty-year-old male, because that’s slightly offensive. I hope I’m not giving off the creepy internet guy pretending to be a teenage girl vibe; regardless, that’s an unfounded accusation.

      Liking a female actress doesn’t mean I’m not a female. That’s ridiculous. I’m not ATTRACTED to her, I just think she’s talented and I admire her performances and her skills. Alfie Bowie’s pretty good, but I’m not going to spam my blog with photos of him, now am I.

      Any further interrogation? Or is everything I say going to be discounted as a lie, because if that’s the case, I won’t be answering these anymore.

  13. dennis says:

    I am sorry hero I did not mean it rto be an interrogation just interested thats all you did sound older than your years so I apologise and I wish you to do well in life in whatever career or path you take in fact I think you will be succesfull in whatever you do.
    I suppose you like strictly come dancing then, who do you think will win it then I will put money on Denise Van whatever her surnane outen. Your parents must be pleased and proud of you and one day you maybe playing in the orchestra for LE MES KEEP ON WITH THE GOOD WORK

    • Hero says:

      Thank you. 🙂 Sorry for getting snippy towards the end there – I’ve just been through an ordeal this week, and running thin. I know it can be hard to take everyone at face value over the internet, so don’t worry.

      I don’t actually watch that – don’t have a lot of time to watch TV. :/

      Anyway, thank you again for the kind wishes! You too!

  14. dennis says:

    Sorry did not know you are a American student I suppose half of what I put you did know what i WAS TALKING ABOUT sorry again but you are an old 16 years I found that out from your blog nothing wrong with that would love to talk about where you want to go in life did you know that I am in England

  15. dennis says:

    hi hero not heard anything from you for a while hope you are not upset or anthing like that ?
    What you been up to soon be halloween night that is a big thing in your country

  16. dennis says:

    look forward to it have a great weekend

  17. dennis says:

    hope your party goes great did you see that Sam Barks got an award in Hollywood

  18. Hey, Hero. You commented on my blog, so I figured I do the same to you. >D I think it’s funny that Anna found this before I did. xD

  19. dennis says:

    seen le mes film twice waiting for the dvd now it was better than i thought it would be but they have done the stage verson jusitce Sam Barks was great what did yu think Hero hope you are well

    • Hero says:

      I loved the movie: I thought they kept the integrity of the play intact and I thought the actors were brilliant. (Sam Barks was amazing, of course.)

      It’s nice to see you back on the blog, Dennis! I’m very well, thank you for asking.

  20. dennis says:

    Yes Sam was very good thought jean val john and marious but russell crowe let the side down but when i saw it the second time he seemed better but more from the acting point than singing did you know that Marious sang the song empty tables empty chairs 42 times and the one in the film is the 28th take wow anyway going to London in June for a few days may try to get tickes but they sell like hot cakes anyway glad you are great keep up your music won’t you

  21. Paulina Czarnecki says:

    Great blog! I love your intro, and the picture is really neat. 🙂

  22. Ok, so back in April I made my way from my deep recesses of the internet to your blog (through Kelli at She Learns As She Goes) and, thanks to finals, writing, and life, am only making my way back here now. But I basically love you. Please continue your unabashed classical literature nerdiness, and we can be a part of the useless-college-degree-for-a-reason-don’t-judge circle together.

    • Hero says:

      Oh, wow, thank you so much! This comment has basically made my day… ❤

      • Ally says:

        Dude, I did not realize that your name was a *literary reference*. A SHAKESPEARE REFERENCE no less. I love Much Ado About Nothing. Nerd alert signals just went off in my brain. I knew there was a reason I kept coming back here.

  23. dennis says:

    hi Hero how ya doin not heard from you for a while I suppose you must be very busy, hope you are still playing your music went to London June but all seats sold out for Le Mes so could not attend but got the dvd so watch that instead when need a fix l.o.l still at collage ? are you hope you are not to near the big fire we have seen on our tv and are keeping well keep on batting and playing your cello l.o.l

    • Hero says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! And no, I’m not at college yet, I will be next year. Thanks for your well wishes… I’m actually replying to this comment instead of practicing my cello. 😉

  24. Hayley says:

    Hi Hero,
    I absolutely love your blog!

    I nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award” today. For more details, feel free to click the link at the bottom of my most recent blog post: http://victoriousheroine.blogspot.com/2013/09/first-blog-award-ever.html.

    Have a great day! Congratulations!

  25. Katie says:

    Just popping in to say how much we’re enjoying having your blog on our high school homeschool blogroll at LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com. I hope it’s sent some great new traffic your way. I wondered if you could help us get out the word about LHSHS on your blog too? We have a dedicated button on our About Us page: http://letshomeschoolhighschool.com/about-us/. And we’ve added a ton of new content recently. Drop by and check it out if it’s been a while since you visited. Look forward to seeing you there!


  26. dennis says:

    Halloween just days away what are you going has you have lots of partys and its getting realy big over here now cannot understand why, what is it all about Hero ? the halloween films was very scary anyway have a great time

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