My Shelf, My Stand, & My Spotify

I hate to dump you guys with a lazy post, but I was awful today and my planning was poor. On the upshot, I got to spend a good half an hour talking to one of my best friends’ little brother, whom I love desperately and miss almost as much. It was really great and I was so happy afterwards. I’ve felt strangely exhausted all day for some reason, though, even though I’ve been getting plenty of sleep—hence why this post is a lazy one, I want to get to bed in less than an hour.

My Shelf

I just finished The Beautiful and Damned (sort-of review on my 40 books page), and I’ve decided to just read through the rest of a book of short stories we were assigned for school (which is amazing, I mean… Chekhov). Ward No. 6 was our assignment and I geeked out because I actually bought this book ages ago because I wanted to read it on my own, so I’m super excited over it. Man, it makes me feel like an idiot, though. I’ve had to reread a bunch of them because I didn’t get the story the first time around (and still only vaguely get it on the second time through.)

I’m currently waffling between reading The Brothers Karamazov and The Aeneid as well—I’d planned on the former after my Fitzgerald, but I didn’t realize that a) it’s 900 pages and b) now I’m reading another Russian author, and I don’t know whether it’d be better to read Virgil first or what. Anyway. Let me know what you think. 🙂

My Stand

Something simple. Everything else I’m playing is giving me high levels of stress, but it’s hard to be stressed over Bach.

My Spotify

For some reason one of my favorite Lorde songs. I don’t know why. But it’s great.

And with that, my laptop is actually yelling at me that it’s running on reserve power, while my body is telling me I’m beyond the reserve power point and am basically just dead. I need sleep.

Best wishes,


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