Wasting Time This Christmas

So I recently deleted my tumblr in an attempt to become more productive. It’s worked—sort of. See, I have this ridiculous need to procrastinate, to the point where I will do anything to avoid doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes I’ll take hours cleaning my room instead of writing a paper or practicing my cello. Having deleted my tumblr and getting vaguely sick of Buzzfeed (ugh, I don’t want actual news, I just want endless articles about corgis, is that so much to ask), I cast my eye around for new methods of procrastination and stumbled across two: Free Rice and Duolingo.

Free Rice

I knew about Free Rice before, but aside from the occasional jaunt to the site whenever I was reminded of it, it was never really at the forefront of my consciousness. That is until this P4A video brought my attention to it again.

Motivated by an excessive need to waste time (and to know that I’d be doing something useful to society and my own intellect in the process), I made an account. In the week(ish) I’ve had it, I’ve donated 7,180—which isn’t a ton, of course, but it’s something. Better than looking at cat gifs for hours, at any rate. I can’t do a lot on my lonesome, though, which is where you guys come in—join me in the Free Rice endeavor. It’s fun, it’s totally time consuming (but only as much as you want it to be, maybe you have more self control than me 😉 ), and most importantly, it makes a difference.


Everyone who knows me knows I’m a Latin girl—I’ve taken Latin since sixth grade, and I’m now a senior. I love the language, even when it makes me tear my hair out and bang my head against walls and curse Caesar and everything he stood for (not really, though, I love the Romans and Caesar’s Shakespeare play is great). But anyway. Recently I had a conversation with the head of the English department at my future college, in which he strongly recommended I take French—as someone studying literature, it’s very beneficial and it’s also really good to have a couple languages under your belt for graduate school, if you’re serious about it. I’d dabbled in French in seventh grade, but I relied heavily on Google Translate and basically learned nothing. Anyway, I set the idea aside for the summer, since I assumed it would be a hassle and a lot of work to undertake a new language—that is, until recently, when I ran across Duolingo.

Duolingo is a website (and an app) that offers free language courses. They’re well crafted lessons and they’re fun to do, too. 🙂 I did a bunch of them on the first day, and now have just taken it in bite sized pieces whenever I have time. I’m really enjoying myself, and I’m really excited to be starting French—even if I can really only say things about fruit and letters at the moment. Le chat est noir. La femme lit un livre. L’homme mange une pomme rouge. You know. The important stuff. 

I’m ‘scyllathesnake’ on both sites, you get a million bonus points if you not only check them out, but make accounts and add me as a friend. 🙂

I sign off with a vaguely relevant-to-the-season Calvin and Hobbes comic.

(See more over at Buzzfeed)

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! May your holiday season be filled with joy and love, you are in my prayers.

Best wishes,

3 comments on “Wasting Time This Christmas

  1. dennis says:

    the same to you hero all the best 2014

  2. Marie says:

    So, this is probably a really weird place to leave a comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog, and I wanted to thank you for your honesty. In a lot of ways, you and I are very different…but in a lot of ways you and I are very similar. Your blog was giving me inspiration today, so thanks. I admire your love of Latin (I’ve had it since fourth grade, I’m a junior, I hate it. (I hate Caesar’s guts, too–I once told him to jump off a bridge in an exercise during class–but Cicero is only annoying.)) Anyway. Your Heroisms have made my day (it’s only 8:30 in the morning, but already, it’s been a long morning).
    Have a great day, and I’m not sure if you can see the email I’m submitting, but if you want to say hi, go for it.
    (Oh yeah, I got your blog link from Peregrin’s blog, and she’s my best friend, so I’m not just a creeper. At least I hope you know who she is. I’m assuming you do, because she put you on her blog, but maybe not, and maybe I am just a creeper. Ah well.)
    Regardless, I’m adding your blog to my list to check. 😀
    Thanks for being you!

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