College Apps

College apps are frustrating and exhausting and make you stress about everything under the sun and think about life decisions that you would rather not think about because they induce the occasional existential crisis, but sometimes, just sometimes… College apps just overwhelm you with a sense of victory.

This is my best. I am giving you my best in these essays, in this application. And now it’s out of my hands.

Hoping to start blogging properly again soon,


5 comments on “College Apps

  1. dennis says:

    hero i just think you are a one off do not get stressed you are fantastic okay be cool man be cool

  2. Peregrin says:

    You’re done? *recommends a wild victory dance* That’s awesome! 🙂
    Wow, and now I’m really nervous for next year… Hmm… xD

    • Hero says:

      I’m not quite done; I’m accepted into one, I’ve applied to the other, but I’m working on my application to an honors program and I have to write two essays for it and I’ve finally gotten my rough drafts done.

  3. Peregrin says:

    Oh, right. That’s what *ahem* “Our Mutual Friend” said. xD *cheese*

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