Um. Life currently:

Having to do basically an independent study course on US History because I didn’t do it in 9th grade and I need it to graduate.

College-y things.

Almost started crying in my cello lesson the other day because stress is fun. I’m practicing more and I’m determined to get better rather than just wallowing in mediocrity and having emotional breakdowns about laziness and inadequacy.

Latin is freaking hard.

Reading This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Buying so many books that I’m fairly certain I shouldn’t be allowed unsupervised into used book stores any more. (Goodwill is very dangerous because they have a bunch of unwanted classics and they’re all a dollar.)

Failing at blogging with no actual excuse.

Assistant teaching first year confirmation at my parish and subbing classes for my high school and being scared; so scared.

Turning seventeen sooner than is acceptable.

Feeling fidgety.

Wasting time.

Wishing you the best & promising you all I can in the blogging sphere,

2 comments on “Update

  1. Julia Byers says:

    ❤ you. You can do it! (And by "it," I mean everything. Anything and everything.)

  2. Kira Budge says:

    Oh, Hannah. =P Life is fun.

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