Did I Say Tomorrow? Obviously I Meant “Not Tomorrow” (May Report Card)

Oh gosh. Hi. I am the worst. Please hate me.

Now that we have that out of the way, I am going to pretend I don’t keep forgetting to blog & act like everything is totally fine.

Yep. Totally fine. It’s not like I have the biggest cello auditions of my entire high-school career next week, and it’s not like I’m starting with a new teacher – the principal cellist of the symphony – after that… Oh no, that’s not happening, and even if it were I wouldn’t be stressed out about it, of course not… Heh…. Heh…

I’m slowly descending into madness. Don’t mind me.

Hopefully after my auditions, I’ll get back into the regular swing of blogging. I feel slightly hungover from going to see Mahler’s 3rd symphony last night, so please excuse any and all lack of enthusiasm/tired ramblings… I didn’t get much sleep and I have a rather large headache.

Anyway it’s June 1st how did that happen. I’m a bit late on wrapping up my May Report card, but wrap it up I shall… I feel really good about this month; though I can’t remember all my resolutions, so I probably failed one thanks to not being able to actually… remember… it. xP


1. Videocall with my friends more often. A! I probably tripled the amount of video calls I did, which was awesome. Getting to see my friends’ faces and voices is so amazing. 🙂 I would give myself an A+, except I never got to do a call with Julia or Kira, so I wasn’t totally successful.

2. Get back into my spiritual reading. F. Big fat F. I probably read one chapter of Interior Castles this entire month. (This must’ve been the resolution I’d forgotten about.)

3. Write my 2013 Summer Bucket list. B – I wrote the bucket list, but I don’t think it’s finished yet. I just don’t have a lot of ideas. Leave comments with fun summer things to do so I don’t spend it watching Phineas and Ferb!

4 comments on “Did I Say Tomorrow? Obviously I Meant “Not Tomorrow” (May Report Card)

  1. Julia Byers says:

    Hey. Hey you should video call with us sometime during June instead. Since, you know, you need that + on your A.

  2. The Wasp says:

    I would agree that Phineas and Ferb can fill up a Summer very fast and very easily (;

  3. Aspirer says:

    Hey Hero, I awarded you over at my blog. Hope you can participate. 🙂

    Love ya,


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