Happily Out of It

I can’t write a long post today, as I have a debate on Monday that I still have to prepare for, and I’m so exhausted that if I put it off for too long I’ll opt to go to bed instead of work (like I did last night). I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday – during Lent I’ve cut my internet time down to an hour, and I used up all my time before I blogged yesterday.

I am so tired, but I am also very, very happy. Two things have happened in the last week that have just made me so joyful and so thankful to God. I keep running over Psalm 162 in my mind: “Those who sow in tears will reap a harvest of joy.” It’s so true – trust me, it’s hard to see while you’re in tears, but the joy comes! It really does, and it’s doubly wonderful. I am just so happy right now, I can’t even describe it.

Anyway, something I did this week that I’m rather proud of: I reorganized my room! I took some pictures for y’all – finally, I know.

DSCN0427Let’s play a game called count the owls… There are actually two in this picture, but Piper is shielding Schubert (Bertie) from view. Also, that black blob is my dog. 😛

DSCN0417My great-great Aunt Madeline’s Singer and my Underwood… 🙂 (Also, all my booooooks… ❤ – Wicked & Sound of Music, too!)

DSCN0420My dresser – still a work in organizational progress.

DSCN0415More bookshelf shots – if you can spot my Jules Verne and my Sudoku you get points! 😉

DSCN0428Mama Mary! ❤

DSCN0423Count the owls… (Are we at six now?)

DSCN0400Look at this closet! If you’d seen it before you would be as proud of it as I am. 😛 It was a mess.

DSCN0409Mah bootz… (*cough* Harrison…)

DSCN0404My favorite shoes! (Though they’re so flipping painful if I wear them too long.)

DSCN0402Both my favorite pairs… (Also scarves!)

DSCN0408House pride! 😀

I shall recap my February goals on Tuesday! See you then! (Also, announcing winner of my guest-post-contest thing… Comment/like now if you haven’t already!)

Best wishes!


9 comments on “Happily Out of It

  1. Kira says:

    You’re so cute. =)

  2. Julia Byers says:

    Your room is so organized. I think I need to come trash it for you.

    Also: I’m really tired right now and have a killer headache, so I’m feeling kind of delirious and can totally relate about your wanting-to-go-to-sleep thing.

    Also: Kira is right. You’re absolutely adorable.


  3. thehobbitauthoress says:


    • Hero says:

      Why, yes. Yes, I do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well – my ink ribbons are pretty terrible. (Let’s just say that the typewriter became outdated for a reason.)

  4. Erin says:

    I found your Sudoku and Jules Verne books! 🙂

    Also, you have a lot of shoes. I’m jealous.

  5. Mercy says:

    I found your Sudoku and Jules Verne, too! 😀 All those books…. ❤ Oh my goodness, you have Inkheart! I loved that book…I really should read it again.

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