Stayin’ Alive

[cue BeeGee’s song]

Stayin’ Alive is rather apt at this point, to be honest, as “stayin’ alive” is basically my life-plan for the next two weeks or so. I have two papers due (one I am probably going to ignore until the stress of my junior-year-thesis-project-essentially-except-not-really goes away), a debate, the SAT, and a chemistry test. Not to mention chair auditions in my orchestra within the month & random, erratic college stress.

Speaking of random, erratic college stress, the reason I didn’t blog on Friday (because let’s be honest, I have zero excuse for the last almost-two-weeks), I was visiting my first college ever! I got to sit in on a literature class in which they discussed Great Expectations – my favorite Dickens that I have actually never read – and I made a semi-intelligent comment about Pip and Estella and infectious scorn and the relationship between their characters and being “poetic in retrospect”… Gah, I love literature.

I also attended a Latin class, an amazing history lecture, and a theology lecture. I also got to meet some of the college faculty (including the philosophy professor who decided to take me under his wing and show me the music department because I happened to be wearing my orchestra sweatshirt & then complimented my name) and witnessed a Harlem Shake.

So yeah. That was interesting.

I had a good time, but I’ve decided that it’s not the college for me. I liked a lot of it, but the lack of a formal orchestra and music major, as well as a lack of some other things made me realize that I’m just not drawn to it. So decisions are being made! We can strike it off the list.

I still bought a t-shirt, though. 😛

Since I’ve been bad about this, I’m just going to go ahead and say – I’m going to leave the commenting/liking the 1 year blogiversary post open for another week, after which I’ll run the comments through to find a winner! So leave a comment/like the post if you haven’t already!

Sorry this is such a short post – hopefully I’ll have something to write about on Friday. Probably not.

Best wishes!

P.S. Send help! I’m being murdered by Richard III! He is determined to prove a villain!

7 comments on “Stayin’ Alive

  1. Julia Byers says:

    You managed to remain serious all the way up until the PS. Good show, dear chap, good show! (Also: The University of Michigan is beckoning! We have a fantastic music program AND literature stuff! COME BE MY FRIEEEEND.)

  2. Mercy says:

    Harlem Shake. 😉

  3. Aspirer says:


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