My Cello Ate My Life/Soul/Whatever

Not that this is anything new, I just thought it was a rather catchy title for a post.

Sorry I didn’t show on Sunday – I forgot, actually, in my defense. It’s weird for me to be back in the swing of this blogging thing.

Because my cello, etc, have been at the forefront of my mind in recent days, I thought I’d share with you the pieces currently on my music stand. I love them all dearly (except Rondo; Rondo makes me want to kill something), and hope you enjoy them! 🙂

The first three pieces are our repertoire at orchestra for a concert in a few weeks. My favorite of the trio is Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony No. 8 in B Minor. It’s an absolute joy to play – though part of it has been completely ruined for me by being the excerpt for our chair audition.

Piece no. 2 – The Great Gate of Kiev, by Mussorgsky. Fantastic piece, though the bloody run at 0:46 is putting me out of my mind; I feel like my arm is going to fall off every time I finish practicing and I still can’t get it right.

And the final piece from orchestra: Austrian Peasant Dance by Mahler. This piece makes me laugh because our conductor loves it so much, and lots of jokes about bratwurst and fat happy Austrians and “Frau Kim” (don’t ask) have come from it… The cello part is almost laughably easy, but it’s just such fun to play.

And as for the rest of the music on my stand – Arioso by Bach and Rondo by Goltermann.

(Sorry, the sound quality of this next one isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s a good performance: JUST AN EVIL SONG. GAH.)

That’s all for me – I have a few chapters of Little Women left and I intent to finish tonight.)

Best wishes,

8 comments on “My Cello Ate My Life/Soul/Whatever

  1. Kira says:


  2. I love Pictures at an Exhibition! Great Gate of Kiev is one of the best, too. But thank your lucky stars you don’t have to play Baba Yaga.

    • Hero says:

      Is it worse?

      Yeah, I love the piece, but that one stupid part, I swear… *flings rosin across the room* *dents wall*

      • Baba Yaga is chaos. I’ve never played it, but my brother (cellist) did last year. It was his favorite, but the hardest for the orchestra.

        • Erin says:

          Weird. My orchestra is playing Pictures at an Exhibition right now. Our teacher is making us play the entire piece. Baba Yaga makes me want smash my violin against the floor. As Liam said, it’s chaos, and it’s crazy fast.

  3. kittipurrik says:

    Rondo looks rather enjoyable, in my opinion.

    Have you ever played Tarantella? I should hope you’d like that one.
    I’m afraid that though I adore my cello playing abilities, they aren’t much.
    I blame my absolutely tiny hands.

    • Hero says:

      I actually played Tarantella for my audition for my orchestra – I had a lot of fun with it (though I did foul part of it, as my character dictates I must). Rondo is a good piece, it’s just frustratingly hard. 😛

      Don’t be down on yourself! As long as you’re in love with your instrument, it doesn’t matter what “level” your abilities are. 🙂

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