Quick Status Update as My Fingers Fall Off

Howdy! It’s been a while. Apologies about that. Things are hectic over here and since I am STILL sans laptop, blogging is (nod to Julia, here) muy difficult-o. (Actual Spanish word is actual.)

I thought I’d pop in and give a quick update on the status of affairs over here to tide you over until I can post for real.

Status update #1: New cello! Yes, as it was obvious from the last post, I have a new cello – her name is Éponine (NOT Frankie the Gay Cello… Remind me to tell that story at some point). Éponine herself is an angel, pure and simple – her case, on the other hand… 100% diva. I’m not even kidding you. I’m the last one out of orchestra rehearsals every Sunday because Little Miss Diva Case refuses to close and latch properly while people are looking at her. I swear. So I’m in the corner for ten minutes like, “How about you close now? Could you do that for me? THANKS.”

Status update #2: Speaking of orchestra, my first concert is this weekend. My mom and I got into a slight quarrel because I feel really uncomfortable sending out an invitation to the concert because I feel like it’s kind of pretentious… So I kept hovering over her while she drafted an invitation AGAINST MY WILL and trying to get her to add things like, “Hero says it’s no big deal if you can’t come… Really, she won’t be offended… Honestly, it’s nothing…” But she wouldn’t. (At one point she sarcastically wrote: “Hero doesn’t want any of you to come because she knows you all have lives and would rather attend youth group or eat ice cream or go to the zoo.”) Oh well.

Status update #3: Because of said concert, our orchestra director has been running us into the ground at rehearsal. We had practice yesterday and I still have a cramp in my left hand — not to mention that my fingertips feel like pumice… Ugh.

Status update #4: Morgann and I went as newsies for Halloween, and it was awesome.

Status update #5: I have to go feed the dogs, so this post is cut short. 😦 See you next time, hopefully with a real post!



2 comments on “Quick Status Update as My Fingers Fall Off

  1. Kira says:

    Nice stuff! Eponine is a great name.

  2. Julia Byers says:

    YAY! ESPANOL!!! Tu vas a aprender Espanol algun dia en el futuro, yo prometo! (En otras noticias, no me gusta Espanol nunca. EN ABSOLUTO.)

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