Hey, guys… Popping in to give you a post. My laptop is still down, but I’ve managed to get on the desktop to check in.

So, anyway, I need your help. I’m sort of having a dilemma on Halloween costumes – I like elaborate costumes, but I’m really lazy. So right now my list of possibles is:


(Click for source.)

Need List:

-something pink and frilly
-curled hair

Not too hard. Goodwill searching could help me with that.


(Click for source.)

Need list:

-ragged shirt
-long, tattered skirt
-newsboy cap

Zombie Bride

No picture here, but all I’d need is Morgann’s tattered old wedding dress to dress up as a bride to the undead. I’ve done it before. But I’m a little wary about this option since it’s pretty mainstream Halloween.

Amy Pond (silence episodes)

(Click for source.)

Need list:

-red hair (not happening, Mom won’t let me dye it again: the question becomes whether or not I can pull this off as a blonde)
-leather/black Amy type clothes
-tally marks all over my visible body

Sleeping Beauty

(Click for source.)

Because it’s the easiest princess costume to put together.

Need list:

-puffy sleeved shirt
-long skirt in some sort of taupe colour
-black corset type thing

AND FINALLY, what I’m sort of leaning towards the most:


(Click for source.)

If you say you don’t like Eloise you’re either lying or crazy. Anyway.

Need list:

-black swishy skirt
-white puff-sleeved shirt
-knee socks
-red bow

Or I could be none of these and go as a random Newsie.

(Source is tumblr, so good luck with that.)

ANYWAY. Tell me what you’re going to be for Halloween! And then help me decide between all of these costumes – because I am incapable of making decisions. *headdesk*



10 comments on “Halloween?

  1. Anna S. says:

    Galinda or Eloise

  2. Kira says:

    I think if you like Eloise, you should go with it! It’ll be cute. And *I* am going as my upcoming NaNoWriMo character. =)

    • Hero says:

      Morgann and I might be teaming up as Newsies, but if it falls through, I’m going as Eloise. Maybe I’ll use that one as my costume for my orchestra competition.

  3. Julia Byers says:

    I don’t like Eloise, and seeing as I also LOATHE Shirley Temple, I think I’m leaning toward the “crazy” option, haha. If it’s warm out, I’m dressing as Katniss, and if it’s cool, I’ll be an Eskimo. If I even do Halloween this year. Most factors are aiming towards not having time for it, which is sad.

  4. Mercy says:

    ELOISE!!! I love her!! So adorable! 😀

  5. Christina says:

    Defintily Sleeping Beauty!! ❤

  6. Kelli says:

    I might steal your Amy Pond idea!

  7. Nick W. says:

    I like them all, but I think you could do Sleeping Beauty the best…. 🙂

    I’m gonna do a ‘SWAT’ thing with my all of my tactical airsoft gear, and hang out at my friend’s house and hand out candy/protect the premises from TP-ers and vandals. *grin*

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