BEDA Day 28: Doctor Who

I just stumbled upon this little gem:

And now I’m getting really excited again for Doctor Who! September 1st, you guys!

In honor of the new season, I’m going to give a list of my favorite companions in order from best to worst.

1. Amy & Rory Pond

I’m gonna be honest, and say that I prefer David Tennant to Matt Smith. David Tennant’s episodes have a depth to them that Matt Smith’s don’t, and I really love his acting style (and just persona in general). However, judging purely the companions themselves, I have to say that Amy and Rory are my favorites. (And yes, I count them as ONE companion, for the purposes of this post.) There’s something about Amy that I love – sort of her brazen, ginger, Scottish personality. She’s like, “I’m in space, deal with it.” And Rory is just so adorable and hilarious… I love him. I love him and I love Amy.


2. Donna Noble

I know so many people who despise Donna. How can you hate Donna? Donna is David Tennant’s best companion. I guess I just tend to favor the strong, redheaded, stubborn companions who start out their journey in a wedding dress. 😉 She’s just such a force of nature. I love how she feels things so intensely. Like, the humanity is just driven home through Donna’s eyes. The fact that she’s the one who blows up all the Daleks is just awesome to me. She’s so so important and she never thought she was worth anything. It broke my heart that *SPOILERS* she had to forget all of it. I love Donna. And I love the Doctor Donna. I love her and haters can buzz off.


3. Martha Jones

Again, I’m one of the few people who likes Martha. I like all the companions, really, even Rose! I just like some more than others and unfortunately, Martha’s at the low end of the list. My problem with Martha is that she’s really only in it because she fancies the Doctor. I like the sense of wonder she brings to the show – her aesthetic, her attitude, her ability to handle herself in crisis. But my problem with her is that she loves the Doctor and as soon as she realizes he is never going to return her affections, she jumps ship. I admire her for getting out, for standing up for herself like that, but it really does show you what her ultimate motivation is. I like her much better in the Poison Sky/Sontaran Stratagem episodes, where she’s engaged and so can go off being awesome and doctor-y without pining away.

4. Rose Tyler

Speaking of the queen of pining herself, Rose Tyler. I didn’t hate Rose, but her accent and her terrible clothes and overdone makeup sometimes bothered me. She tends to be too much a useless, damsel-in-distress wet rag for me. I liked her love story though, because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. The episode with the void made me so saaaaaaaaaad… But crying David Tennant tends to do that to me. In her defense, she had her moments (that Eccleston promptly ruined, of course), but yeah, Rose comes in at last place for me.


And with that, I’m off to bed. Tell me your favorite companions and whether or not you’re looking forward to the new season! I’m really excited for the new companion, Clara.

Also, a note on the trailer and speculative Amy death (you conspiracy theorists, you): if Amy dies, you know how much Rory is gonna die? IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. EVERY ONE.

Anyway! I have chemistry class tomorrow & I have to get up and take a shower and do my hair (this is a new phenomenon, this hair-doing-thing), so I bid you all adieu.

Have a lovely evening!



2 comments on “BEDA Day 28: Doctor Who

  1. Uncle Sepp says:

    If i were to start watching Doctor Who, where would I begin?

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