BEDA Day 25: The Point of No Relevance

Per usual, I have no ideas on what to blog about, so I’m just going to blog about a bunch of non-related stuff until I get to a reasonable length, at which point I’ll go watch TV or eat ice cream or whatever it is I do with my time. (*cough*WriteWheatley/Chellfanfic*cough*)

1. I am really excited about school starting on Monday. I’ve got my list of teachers and classes (I’m homeschooled, but I take online classes), and not only did I get the greatest religion teacher of all time for the second year in a row (words cannot describe my love for Samwise) but I also got classes with a couple of my friends, and my history teacher is apparently a massive Shakespeare fanatic – she directs a Shakespeare theater group in her town. SO. YEAH. AWESOME.

2. For some reason, I’m feeling the college itch. A number of my friends are off to college this year and bizarrely, I feel left behind. Don’t get me wrong, a ton of my friends are still at home, but it’s my junior year, and as college gets closer and closer for me, I just feel more and more desperate to get there — so of course it still feels like miles and miles away. I still have two years left, but seriously, time flies in my life.

3. I spent all day at my orchestra retreat today. (I also developed a massive headache, so it’s great that we were playing Beethoven’s 5th isn’t it? *sarcasm*) I’m probably the oldest kid there, but not by a lot, so it’s a step up from my last orchestra. Also, I’m apparently first chair? So I’m not sure how that happened, but it’s pretty cool.

4. In the new house I’m going to have my own bathroom. I am desperate for this shower curtain:


5. Landon and Essie are having their birthdays soon AND I HAVE PLANSSSSS. (Pinch pots, you guys. PINCH POTS.)

6. I found the music from Portal online for free AND LEGALLY because Valve (which is the greatest video game company in the entire world seriously Valve stop being so awesome) was like, “Yo, you want this music? We’ll stick it on the Portal website for free download. Oh, and have some ringtones too.” *throws music at you* Here’s a link, if you’re interested. (Of course you’re interested. Seriously.)

7. I watched about an hour of Hello, Dolly while I was babysitting the other night and I was soooo confuseddddd…

8. I’ve been quoting Space Core all day. My brother is annoyed.

9. Portal seems to be taking over my life. Scratch that, Portal IS taking over my life. And I don’t even care.

 10. I know you want it. First couple paragraphs from my fanfic. (No judgement.)

The guitar was too small for his oversized hands. He clumsily fingered the strings, trying to produce some sort of recognizable tune – heck, it didn’t even need to be recognizable. He would have been happy if it sounded like music at all.

Stupid guitar, not cooperating. He banged his head against the steel beams behind him. He felt the transmitter tower hum underneath him, and felt a twinge of sadness that he could no longer hear what she was saying.

“Sorry, Foxglove, love,” he said, wincing. “I didn’t mean to hit you, I’m just so blooming frustrated at the…” He slapped his hand against the strings, producing an angry twanging sound. “You see, it’s her birthday – y’know, Chell’s? I mean, her birthday, her first birthday with me with her – well, actually, no I was there in the facility on her birthday but of course it was in the facility so we weren’t, well, I couldn’t really celebrate it or do anything… I could’ve said happy birthday, I suppose, well, yeah, actually, that wouldn’t have been too hard, would it? Just sort of, y’know, slid up on my management rail, slid right up to her… ‘Oh, hello, well, see I sort of overheard her saying it was your birthday and… Oh, there isn’t any cake. You probably already knew that, actually, probably expecting that, but I thought you should know, there’s never really any cake… Sorry. But, er, happy birthday!’ Ah, no that’s rubbish.” He smacked the guitar again and sighed dejectedly. “I’m rubbish.”

Anyway, look at me still talking when there’s science to do… I’m gonna go… Do… Something unproductive. Yeah.

Have a wonderful evening! (And go play Portal. It’s fun over here, having no life and being obsessed with a video game and an impossible pairing. Seriously.)



One comment on “BEDA Day 25: The Point of No Relevance

  1. Themostestamazingestperson says:

    My daddy and bubbo like portal 2 as well. 😀

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