BEDA Day 21: I am in Possession of a Catholic Dog (Also, Why Packing and Selling One’s House is Obnoxious) (PLUS: NEW GOALS!)

I say this because this morning I dropped down on my knees to say my morning prayers and Lena (the aforementioned Catholic dog) plopped down next to me so it looked like she was kneeling, too. For some reason when I kneel down to pray, she sits right down. It’s funny.

That’s Lena. She wouldn’t move while I was trying to make the bed, so she got made into it. This is pretty standard behavior for her.

Anyway, this can’t be a long blog post because my mom left the house this morning with a list of chores the length of my leg – I forgot how much I hate selling a house. Like, moving is fine. I don’t have problems with moving. I have problems with boxing up everything and making the house look as uncluttered as possible and keeping everything SPOTLESS on the off chance that somebody will call to come see the house. You’re on pins and needles, waiting for a phone call, and when that phone call finally comes, it’s a frantic rush to put everything you’ve been using away and make the house look clean again.

I remember, before we moved here and we had to sell our house, my friend Sam and I were playing Barbies and then my mom told us we had to clean up because people were coming to see the house, so Sam and I shoved all the Barbies under the bed because we didn’t have time (or didn’t want) to put them away correctly. Good times. 😛

Also, I promised a goal update, and here it is. I was looking at this website, DoodleAlley, and it inspired me to get back on track with writing and cello and my art, so my goals are as follows:

1. Get back into Camp NaNo. It’s possible to finish, or at least get close. 45,000 is where I’m aiming.

2. Master ‘Midnight Waltz’ by the end of September.

If I could play like this, I think I could be happy until the end of time.

3. Restrict computer use to evenings unless needed for school/writing/blogging/etc. (This is difficult because even if I do only open the computer for school, writing, blogging, whatever, I always end up getting sidetracked. I may fail this one.)

4. PRAYYYYYYY. My prayer life stinks. I’m gonna fix that.

That’s all for me today! I have four rooms to clean and breakfast to make and a shower to take. Have a great day!




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