BEDA Day 19: Total Honesty Time

Guys, I am tired and lazy and don’t want to blog. I am sick of blogging every day. I feel like I’m being unfair to you guys – I give you a crap post every day because I’ve ditched the quality over quantity rule and it doesn’t matter so long as I post something.

I don’t even know what to write about. School is starting, I’m moving, everything is in boxes everywhere, I’m stressing about college prep and tests (already, I know), about how orchestra is starting and I still have my student cello and I’d hoped to have a new cello by now except then we bought a house and I’m stressing about going to a writing retreat next year and not having any money or a job anymore because my boss’s budget got slashed and he had to let me go and then I’m also stressing about this one thing I wanted to do (called going to Italy to study Shakespeare) which COSTS A LOT OF MONEY and then I am also stressing about my driver’s ed because I still have a gazillion more practice hours to do and I HAVE YET TO DRIVE AT NIGHT AT ALL and I feel like I’m going to fail my driver’s test or not have the right forms or something and even if I do get my driver’s license it won’t even matter because my mom would never let me drive anywhere anyway and I’ll probably get in a wreck or something and then die, or whatever, and yeah.


There. I said it. It’s 105 degrees outside all day every day. I feel completely useless and fat and lazy sitting on my butt so much. I want school to start. I’m also probably losing my mind. So there’s that.

And I’m exhausted and I’m so sorry I keep giving y’all crap posts but I am running on empty. I just want to sleep.



One comment on “BEDA Day 19: Total Honesty Time

  1. Julia Byers says:

    Okay. You need to sit back, get some space, and breeeeathe. Your blog has been fine–I’ve actually been enjoying your more recent posts quite a lot, so don’t worry about it.

    You have a lot going on in your life right now–some of which isn’t the best in the world (I’m really sorry about your job). Settle down and spend some time focusing on the things that need to be focused on. You can and will get a new job, and hey: it might even be a good thing that you’re out of work right now, because you obviously have a lot of other stuff that needs your attention. Having a little extra time to focus on it all can’t hurt.

    School will be starting up in no time, and when it does you’ll miss the fat and lazy days of summer, so make sure to appreciate what time you have left of it. School will come when school will come; the best you can do is appreciate the moment you’re in to the best of your abilities, so you won’t regret it later when you didn’t.

    Take a couple days off if you need to, and get some sleep. Nobody will be mad at you for that. We’re all here because we love you and want you to be happy. It’s okay.

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