BEDA Day 16: Art Camp Saga Part 2

Part 1

Hiya! So once again I put off writing this blog post until late in the evening so now I’m exhausted and I have to get up early tomorrow to babysit. I tell you guys, I am going to be so happy when August ends and I go back to writing twice a week.

You should see my journal, though. Basically empty. Maybe I’ll print out all my blog posts and glue them in, haha. *cheating*

So here we go, more art camp talk.

A basic day at camp consisted of getting up at around seven, getting ready, heading off to breakfast, walking fifteen minutes from breakfast to the art building, painting/sculpting until lunch time, then trekking off to lunch, trekking back, painting some more or felting or working on other various art projects. Then we’d go eat dinner and come back to do night projects – we made huge collaborative paintings, we studied street art and how to translate elements from graffiti and street art into contemporary paintings… It was pretty cool. We also did some song writing, which was… interesting.

Then we’d go back to the dorm around nine-thirty and all the other girls would go out and hang out with the boys from tech camp, and excluding the one night I sat on the steps with two girls and this one guy (who is going to become relevant later), I generally just took a shower and shut myself in my room to work. I did a lot in my sketchbook – rather than journalling, I would pound out annoyance and frustration into artwork. I’m pleased with the results. Other times I would have things that I didn’t finish in class that I would work on in my dorm. To quote an email I sent to Sepp:

“I do have wifi but basically no time to be online because I have so much work to do – right now I have to go sketch out a duplicate of my graffiti stencil design and then rewrite an entire Taylor Swift song.”

(For those who care: the rewriting of an entire Taylor Swift song didn’t happen. My roommates were too loud.)

Oh, see, roommates in plural? Yes. Mid-week G & B (A’s cronies, if you’ll remember) ended up causing issues with M and OtherK, who were their roommates, so they came over and pretended to be nice and asked if we could switch rooms with them and we said yes because we’re nice and even though I didn’t really want to, K was all for it and I don’t make things difficult if I don’t have to.

We quickly learned not to phone home whilst OtherK was in the dorm, because she would shout inappropriate/suggestive things at you while you were on the telephone that sounded really bad if you weren’t there.

For example:

“Oh my gosh, put your clothes back on!”


“That’s disgusting! Go away!”

*headdesk* Aaaanyway. I soon became Dorm Mom and instituted what is referred to as The Disney Rule.

The Disney Rule is as follows: if it would not be said or done in an animated Disney movie, DO NOT say or do it. The Disney Rule was, unfortunately, not very well followed, but it helped.

A little.

More from me tomorrow – if I don’t die while babysitting.

Au revior!



3 comments on “BEDA Day 16: Art Camp Saga Part 2

  1. Julia Byers says:

    Gosh, your art camp is so much more intense than the one I went to (incidentally, I also had a I-don’t-like-people experience at art camp; maybe art camps just breed those things).

    My friends like shouting inappropriate things while I’m on the phone, as well. And they tend to be worse than that, haha.

    Have fun (surviving babysitting)!

  2. Oh, Hero. *huggle* I totally sympathize with you on this one. I had a similar experience at, get this, A CATHOLIC CAMP. Seriously — if you ever get into the high-and-mighty-Catholics-usurp-all-in-holiness, go to this camp, because you’re quickly grounded. They were so shallow I couldn’t take it.

    And at another super-secret-I-can’t-mention-it-here ( 😉 ) thing. I love it, but I honestly cry every year because no matter what I do to make friends, I still feel extremely alone at the end of the day.

    I’m still not sure why this happens or how in the world you make it STOP HAPPENING, but I know that it really made me appreciate you guys all the more. 🙂

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