BEDA Day 5: On Being a Sister


It’s late. On Sunday night. This is the fifth straight blog post I have written this evening. Why? Because I love all 32 of you so much that I spent the last two hours queuing posts for the rest of the week so I don’t fail BEDA. See the explanation on tomorrow’s post. 9:30 sharp.

Anyway. Today’s post is going to be philosophical, I hope, but it’s going to end up being really awful and crazy and not make any sense so HERE WE GO!

Oh, look, a kitty.


Tomorrow morning, bright and early, my brother and I are going to art camp. Sleepaway art camp. This is going to be my first sleepaway camp, and with the exception of Boy Scout camp, this will be my brother’s first time as well. Initially only my brother was going to go, and then Mom got the idea in her head to have me apply and then I made it in so now we’re both going. We’re going to be in separate parts of the camp – I’ll be doing fine arts, and he’ll be doing technology/graphic design – but I’ll see him at meals and stuff.

What really touched me is that while Mom was helping him pack this morning, he said to her, “I’m really glad Hero’s gonna be there.” He doesn’t want me in his particular group, but knowing that I’m going to be there makes him a little less nervous about being on his own. That means a lot to me, because knowing that he looks up to me as a protector and as someone who’s going to watch out for him… It makes me feel like maybe I’m doing this sister thing right.

My brother drives me crazy. We have a tendency to fight about nothing. Today we got into an argument about whether or not we’d had a particular argument before. Stupid? Absolutely. But even though he drives me crazy, I love him, and I see it as my specific duty to make sure nothing happens to him. So this week I’m going to keep my eye on him, and if I so much as sense that he’s getting picked on, it’s going to get ugly.

Because nobody gets to mess with my brother but me. Nobody.

I’m off to bed – it’s late and I have to be up eaaarly tomorrow. (For some reason we have to be at the dorms at 7 am! What madness is this!?)

Have a great week, everyone! 🙂


P.S. This post took me ages because I kept getting mesmerized by the cat and had to stop typing. I’m not even kidding.

One comment on “BEDA Day 5: On Being a Sister

  1. Julia Byers says:

    HAVE FUN AT CAMP!!!! 😀 Sleepaway camp is the best, I promise you! (Unless of course you get stuck in a cabin with a bunch of girls who are all best friends while your own best friend had to leave early because she got the flu. Which happened to me once. And then my inherent shyness kicked in. And I almost died that week, between the loneliness and the Strep Throat I was battling and the fact that I was at a pottery camp thing and I cannot even make a decent ball out of a lump of playdough.)

    Tell me all about it when you get back!

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