BEDA Day 3: In Which Hero is More Artistic Than She Thought

Guess what, guys? Three days in and I’m already shirking responsibilities! Well, not quite yet.

The thing is, this morning I applied for art camp and I made it in – and it’s a week long, sleepaway camp. Which means I won’t be able to practice my cello, or work out, or write, or do my Algebra. (Unless I take my algebra books and do it in the evenings…) I dunno. Maybe I’ll be able to get some stuff done. I am slightly distressed, because that’s just how I function, but I am also really excited about camp because I’ve never gone to sleepaway camp before! Ever! At this point, I was resigned to my first sleepaway camp being college, but lo and behold, the things my mother signs me up for.

It turns out I actually have some artistic ability. Who’d have thought?

Anyway, this is a short post because, like yesterday, I have a lot to do – and I have to get ahead of my Camp NaNo wordcount for next week! Yikes!

Cello: Not yet completed
Algebra: Not yet completed
Exercise: Completed
Camp NaNo wordcount: 3,215 (1,623 left to write today – I got behind yesterday)


One comment on “BEDA Day 3: In Which Hero is More Artistic Than She Thought

  1. Aspirer says:


    Congratulations, Hero!!

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