My Report Card

A quick post tonight because it’s late and rather exhausted – I spent all day on the road driving home from my aunt’s house.

Since it’s the end of the month, it’s time for my report card on my resolutions! If you’ll remember, I posted about my resolutions for the month of July in this post, with the promise to grade myself at the end of the month.

First resolution: journal every day.

Grade: A-

I did journal most days, but there were a few days – once or twice while I was in Florida, and then these past few days at my aunt’s – when I forgot to do so. Hence, A-.

Second resolution: turn off the TV/laptop.

Grade: D

I probably deserve even an F here, but IN MY DEFENSE, my grandparents leave the television on basically all the time, and while I was in Florida, there was basically nothing to do besides goof around on the computer. And then I bought Portal 2. As they say: the rest is history.

Third resolution: eat healthier.

Grade: B

I didn’t eat the healthiest, but I did try to cut back on portions and chips, and opted for healthier choices at restaurants. (Vegetables and mashed potatoes instead of fries, etc.) Not fabulous, but better than nothing. (I still gained, like, three pounds from sitting on my butt for nearly three weeks, but ah well. *grumbles*)

Anyway. Not the most stellar report-card I’ve ever had – it’s actually abysmal… I’m a straight A student. Do you think this is going to affect my college applications? 😛

Better luck next time. I’ll be sure to have my August resolutions up soon!

Have a great week.



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