Master of the House

Hi, everyone! It’s getting toward the end of Sunday and my brain is dead, and I was whingeing about having to write a blog post, when I remembered… I PRE-WROTE A BLOG POST JUST FOR THIS OCCASION.

But before I pull out my get-out-of-free card, I want to share with you something my friend Megan did… She doodled me and I kind of love it. 😛

When I asked her why I have a book on my face, she replied, “Because it’s YOU!”

So that’s what my friends think of me. Apparently.

Anyway, onto the post.

I’m writing this on the Monday before I leave for Florida, in the event that I don’t get a chance to blog at some point while I’m there and need something to post. (I’m like a boy scout – prepared, and whatnot.)

My mom’s been in Florida since last week, which means that for the past seven days, I’ve been – essentially – the master of the house. (Dad’s at work all day, and my brother is, well, a thirteen-year-old boy. Enough said.) I’ve regarded it as a sort of training for when I’m older and living by myself, or when I’m married and have kids of my own. I’ve learned a couple things this week, and I’m going to share them with you.

1. It’s difficult to keep yourself accountable.

Because Mom’s not here, I’ve been able to do what I want, eat what I want, etc. The problem with that is that I’m (as previously stated) a rather poor decision maker. Like I said the other day: cheetos for breakfast. Without Mom, I don’t have anybody to tell me to turn off the TV or have a vegetable with dinner. (Speaking of, I forgot my broccoli tonight. Dangit.) This is especially annoying when you’re like me and you have 1) no self control and 2) a desire to lose weight. (I’m not heavy or anything – I’m actually on the low side of average, but I’m still 10-15 pounds heavier than my mom was at this age, and like every teenage girl, I dislike my body. Yayyy.)

2. You can’t procrastinate.

If you put off laundry for two days, suddenly there are three baskets to fold instead of one, and you have to run the washer again because you left the wet clothes in there for too long and now they smell like fish. And the dishes – holy cow. The dishes. I so much as blink and suddenly they’re overflowing out of the sink and all over the countertop, because apparently I am the only one in this family capable of doing the dishes. (I told this to my father and he refuted it, but I’m sorry, Dad: putting a dish in the sink/starting the dishwasher does not count as doing the dishes. Not even close.)

3. Forgetting about laundry is bad.

This kind of carries over from the procrastination thing, but I make a terrible housewife in this respect: I forget about the laundry. All the time. As a result, the clothes in the dryer get all wrinkly and the clothes in the washer smell like fish. Awesome.

4. While it may seem like every activity can be done with the television on, you get way more done with it off.

Seriously. Because you finish a task, and your show’s not over yet, so you sit your butt down and finish the episode (and the next couple after it) before moving on to a task in a room where the TV isn’t present. I finally shut down the idiot box this evening and managed to get to a whole bunch of stuff I’d been meaning to do: pack, clean the study, clean my room, put away all the laundry, do the dishes, write in my journal, etc.

5. Owning more dogs than there are people in your house is a terrible idea.

Tonight Dad and The Brother were out and about, so I had to walk three of our four dogs (Kip is with Mom in FL) by myself. Sounds fine, except that our dogs are (respectively): a boxer, a labrador mix, and a chihuahua/dachshund mix who enjoys pulling. The boxer, Jack, is so terrible on the leash – he practically yanks your arm off when you’re walking him alone, but combined with the other two… Augh. I have now resolved to only have one dog until I am married, and then – and ONLY THEN – will I consider getting another. (Or maybe I’ll just get a cat.)

6. Clutter builds up impossibly fast.

I should have known this from my experiences with my bedroom – the place can go from spotless to completely trashed in under 24 hours – but I didn’t realize this applied to the entire house. If you decide not to put something away immediately, it just sits there and gathers more clutter like a MAGNET until you finally get your butt in gear and put it away. (At which point it takes FOR-EV-ER because there’s so much junk that’s piled up.)

7. Last, but not least: cooking meals stinks.

Especially when nobody wants to eat what you were planning on making and there’s no food in your house. I think I made one organized meal this week, and it was eaten only by myself because The Brother didn’t want it and Dad went out to eat when he dropped the boy off at swim. *fume* So, yeah. That was a success.

Here’s to hoping that when I’m older and married/whatever, I’ll be so excited about having my very own house/apartment that I’ll want to keep it tidy and cook nice meals and things. Fingers crossed, right?

Thanks for reading! Hope you have better luck with housekeeping than I’ve had. 😉



5 comments on “Master of the House

  1. “Master of the house… Keeper of the zoo…” Now you’ve got me singing it! Darn you and your awesome post titles.

  2. Themostestamazingestperson says:

    lol I love this post!! Hah I cant believe you cooked a meal and your family wouldnt eat it! I mean, I believe that your brother wouldnt… 😀
    PS yes I know I didnt use apostrophes… get over it.

  3. Rachel R. says:

    *cough* first let me say, I AM NOT JUDGING YOU IN THE FOLLOWING! 😉

    anyway, now that that’s out of the way, niiiiiiiiice. 😉 and just so you know, I’m about adverage for my weight too, but probably a little over what most girls are *coughblameswimmingcough*, so don’t sweat! we gotta get together some time, I can show you some easy, quick, delicious meals to make. i mean it.

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