Interim Sunday Post

New post coming later today, but I found this and had to post it.

*cough* LIAM.


3 comments on “Interim Sunday Post

  1. Huh… I don’t get it. Yes, we make fun of people. Hey, we make fun of ourselves! I made a joke tonight about not watching the bass section in the orchestra because I didn’t want anyone to guess my “secret”: that I was at all affiliated with other bassists. Bassists aren’t perfect and I’m glad I’m primarily a pianist.

    Oh, goodness, now you’re going to pound me about that too. But do me a favor and explain the joke first…

    • Hero says:

      Lol, the joke is that being made fun of by basses is a cellist problem… I’m basically poking fun at you, which means it’s funny for me — not so much for you. 😛

      • No, it’s hilarious. I love it. In order to keep my cello-hating down, I’ll refrain from making my own bassist version.

        When people are poking fun at you, you’ve either got to poke back or poke with them. I usually choose to poke with them and laugh at myself.

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