Dalek Week

Hallo, loves! If you’re a Leviathan fan who’s taken a gander on DeviantArt recently, you are probably aware that it’s Dalek Week! If you are not a Leviathan fan, you’re probably rather confused. For clarification, we’re not talking about this type of Dalek:

Rather, this type of Dalek:

That’s Deryn and Alek from Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld. (Artwork by the wonderful PrinceofParties on DeviantArt – check her out. Everything she draws is awesome and makes me want to weep at my lack of skill.) For future reference, the blonde one, Deryn, is a girl. Not a guy.

Anyway, ‘Dalek’ is the fan name for the romantic pairing of the two, and Dalek Week refers to a week on DeviantArt where the artists draw Alek and Deryn (or something related to them) every day with a different theme.

The theme for day one is ‘Parents’. Here’s my take on it.

Those are SUPPOSED to be mirrors behind them – in the reflection of Alek, it’s Alek’s parents, in the reflection of Deryn, her parents. The poeticness is probably lost on everyone but me, lol. 😛 (And yeah, I did erase Deryn’s legs – they were too small and I didn’t want to draw Alek’s hands… Basically laziness.)

Day two is ‘Roaring Twenties.’ Because I didn’t finish Day 1 until Day 2, Day 2’s drawing was slightly rushed and a pretty lazy idea, but I find it cute and I shan’t apologize for it.

That’s their (non-canonical) daughter. For anyone who’s confused.

I apologize for my lack of skill. I’m a writer. Not an artist. (Obviously.)

To make up for it, I have some awesome Harry Potter fanart from my friend Megan. She drew it for me to thank me for being with her as she recently read through the HP books for the first time. I don’t really think she needed to thank me: I didn’t do much besides shout AVPM references at her, but I guess she’s just grateful that someone’s listening to her Neville-should-be-a-Hufflepuff argument. (Dear Megan: He should not. Love, Hero.)

Today is day four of Dalek week, but seeing as I spent day three on a plane, I’m slightly behind. I might get some drawing done this evening, but I doubt it…

Blame him:

The picture is rubbish, but you get the idea. God was smiling on me today – I managed to snatch this from the library before a thousand people put a hold on it and made the waiting list so long that I wouldn’t be able to crack the spine until the day I died.

I’m off to read! Happy Wednesday! 🙂


P.S. Morgann or Tanith: if you’re reading this, Essie has forgotten what the homework for Marian group is and I don’t remember, so if YOU know, you should email her so she actually has it (for once, lol).


14 comments on “Dalek Week

  1. Rachel R. says:

    tsk, tsk. Hero. *shakes head* 😉 jk

  2. What is… Is that… Well, is it? I can’t believe your luck. I refuse to. Not until I get my grubby little paws on my own copy.

  3. Oh, gosh, I can’t believe I was so slow. I seriously just got the significance of Dalek. Deryn + Alek? Blech again.

  4. Morgann says:

    Hero, first off I’m jealous of your book!! Secound, I forgot what the Mariane group homework was myself so I can’t exactly tell Essie, However I will ask Landon’s sister, she’ll remeber. We really need to start paying attention in Mariane group, I blame Tanith for us not paying attention and all. She is always high on something at the meetings. Miss Angela should just give us all F’s to teach us a lesson. Anyway, I’ll ask Landon’s sis, have fun in Florida!!!

  5. To make up for my complete idiocy here, I now force upon you an award:
    You’re just that awesome. But I’m not giving you another guest post.

  6. nevillegirl says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. I love Deryn + Alek; I didn’t even realize that’s Dalek!

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