Late Again

I wasn’t home yesterday, so that’s my excuse for not posting, and now it’s Thursday and I have nothing to say except that today I’ve watched Much Ado About Nothing, Emma, and now A Room With a View. Three of my favorite movies.

I’m also eating ravioli.

Hope you had a great Independence Day! Go eat some ravioli and enjoy yourselves.



One comment on “Late Again

  1. Julia Byers says:

    My power was just out for three days, and it was 106 degrees out and humid, and I had to do everything from showering to putting on makeup in the dark, BECAUSE SOME IDIOTS DESIGNED MY BATHROOM WITHOUT A WINDOW (*cough* thank you, Mom and Dad).

    I know that has nothing at all to do with your post, but I felt like sharing. 😉

    Gosh, now I want ravioli. And I HATE ravioli. *whaaaaa*

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