Wicked reference. Please get it.

Moving on. I was nominated over on Liam’s blog (Liam, who apparently can’t get enough of me) (ha) for the One Lovely Blog award! The award works as such.

1. You have to thank the person who nominated you on their blog to receive your honor.
2. You have to tell 7 things about yourself and human canoe counts!
3. You have to nominate 15 blog’s [sic] and then tell them of their nomination!

(I’m sorry. I had to correct the grammar. Well, not correct, but point out.)

So, first, thanks to Liam, who’s already been linked on this blog like three times in so many days, so I won’t link him again. If you can’t find your way over to his blog by now, well… We might have to have some Remedial Link-Clicking classes. I very much appreciate Liam’s readership of my blog – as I appreciate all twenty-five of you! (Fail note: bwahhhhhh…)

Alright. Seven things about myself. Here we go.

1. I am blonde, which might explain a lot. 😛

2. I am the stereotypical homeschooler, and I spend most days in my pajamas – if not in bed. I’m usually working, but I’m still under the covers, so it counts. (I am in my pajamas right now, but I have decided to grace my family with my presence in the living room.)

3. I have four dogs. It’s a slight menagerie over here.

4. Sometimes I feel like I have more friends over the internet than I do in real life. (It doesn’t help that all my classmates are internet friends, and that half of my IRL friends are also internet friends: like Frankie and Lauren, for instance.)

5. I’m really failing NaNoWriMo. Like, really. I don’t think I’ve hit the halfway point yet, and it’s June 25th. I’m thinking I’ll shoot for 30,000 by the end of the month and if I’m lucky I’ll be able to hit it.

6. I apparently have a thing for red hats. In my lifetime, I have only ever bothered to buy two posters of famous paintings, and in both of them the subject is wearing a red hat.

I guess I’m just weird.

7. I have a life-size cardboard cutout of the Harry Potter trio in my room, right next to my bed. People sometimes ask me if that creeps me out, but I’m kind of used to it by now. (Though there are days when I wake up really disoriented and I think Ron is a real person and it scares me to death. And then Harry just stares at me all condescending and I have to ignore him.)

Okay, now onto tagging people… I don’t think I KNOW fifteen bloggers, but I’ll do my best.

Julia the Writer Girl

Words into Darkness

A Fuzzy Mango With Wings

Teresa the Random

Saints in Training

Smithflections (Don’t judge me. This is one of my best friend’s mom’s blog and I think it’s adorable and hilarious.)

Musings and Random Thoughts

My Life is an Open Book (Yes, this is a tumblr, I don’t even care, you can do text posts on there.)

Magic Esi Poetry

…gee, this is the hardest part of the entire thing… augh…

Frivolity, Philosophy, and Fandoms

…five to go… AGH. None of my friends have blogs, they all have Proboards!

…ten minutes later…

Okay, you know what? To heck with this. You got ten. That’s more than plenty.

If you can’t tell, I’m still sick. *confetti* I’m off to clean my room and maybe sleep. Adieu.



8 comments on “Bonus Post: CONGRATULOTIONS!

  1. Aww, thank you so much for the nomination! You’re amazing <3.

  2. “I guess I’m just weird.”

    You GUESS? Mmmhmmm. 😉

    (And I hate you. DARN YOU. I HAVE FOUR FREAKING AWARDS NOW THAT I HAVE TO DO. I was going to try and spare you from my wrath, but no more. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRR!)

  3. magic-esi says:

    Yay! Another person who likes art.
    Also, thanks for the nomination. Although gah, I know, like, three bloggers. All of whom you already nominated.

    • Hero says:

      Lol, that was MY PROBLEM! I nominated 2 tumblrs and I was THIS CLOSE to going around and nominating youtubers and authors who would never do it. 😛

  4. Julia Byers says:

    Most of the blogs I follow are by established writers or book reviewers, so I understand your issh. (I like saying “issh,” ’tis fun.)

    I’m tiiiiireddd!!!!!

  5. Mrs. Smith says:

    I’m truly honored to be awarded! Thanks! I’ll start clearing a place on the mantel for my award. There is an actual award, right? 😉

  6. nevillegirl says:

    Nice! I want a cardboard cutout of the Death Eaters!

    …actually, maybe not. I might wake up and scare myself…..

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