Bonus Post: Dignitas Magazine

Hi guys. I think I’m coming down with something: I’m really sick to my stomach and am torn between being starving and needing to throw up… Regardless, I wanted to pop on the computer and take the time to share something that Rachel shared with me today, something I thought was awesome.

This is a link to an e-magazine called Dignitas Magazine. I’d try and summarize it, but because of my sickness and lack of sleep, and all of that, my brain just isn’t working and can’t do it: but the creators of the magazine do a pretty good job of summarizing it on their site, so I urge you to click the link (click it – you know you want to), and check it out!

Thanks, and have a beautiful week! ❤



One comment on “Bonus Post: Dignitas Magazine

  1. Rachel R. says:

    Hey Hero, hope you feel better!

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