My plan for today was to post a link to the guest post I wrote for This Page Intentionally Left Blank and a photo of my costume for VBS, but the post isn’t up yet, so you guys will just have to just deal with the picture by itself.

For those of you who don’t know, VBS is a day camp where every day for a week, kids come to the church and learn the point for the day (for example, today’s was ‘No matter what people do, trust God’), and they sing songs and do crafts and play games and stuff… And for VBS, I perform skits with a friend of mine (we’ll call her Stella because that’s the name of her character this week). The skits demonstrate the point of the day in a real life example. Like, this morning in the skit, Stella was upset because a boy in her flight class lied about her cheating on a test – but no matter what people do, trust God – haha, see what we did there? Anyway. In keeping with the theme of the whole VBS (Sky!), my character – Phoebe – is a flight attendant. And I have a pretty awesome costume: my mom is a brilliant genius amazing costume designer and I love it!

I took some photos this morning to share with you guys.

And now I must go to bed: I have to get up early tomorrow to shower, haha.

I apologize for the disjointedness of this post… I’m exhausted.

Love you all!



8 comments on “Phoebe

  1. I’ve always liked the name Phoebe. It’s the name of a bird…
    Anyway, sorry that your guest post isn’t up. It’ll go up… Saturday? Sunday? Soon, I promise.
    Oh, and also you’ll be nominated for a blog award on my blog soon, but that post isn’t posted either. Just a heads up.
    I love being a Phil. We know the future.

  2. Rachel R. says:

    Love the outfit, hero!

  3. Morgann says:

    Your doing a great job Hero as Phoebe! Can’t wait to see what you and Stella come up with for tomorrows skit. With lots of love,
    Just in case i haven’t told you how much I love your outfit I’m going to tell you know, Hero I loooooove your outfit! 😉

  4. Themostestamazingestperson says:

    Dude! your vbs must be legit. 😀 THAT COSTUME IS AWWEEEESOOOOMMMMEEEE

  5. Destiny Skye says:

    I am going to volunteering in a VBS too. Also with the Sky theme.
    I like your costume! You’re a flight attendant right?

    -D. Skye ❤

    • Hero says:

      Yes, ma’am! It was a fun costume, but I can tell you that the high heels got very old, very fast. 😉

      Good luck at your VBS! What are you volunteering as? A crew leader, I’m assuming?

  6. Destiny Skye says:

    No, I’m an assistant crew leader. I’m also going to be in a skit but there is only one at the closing ceremony on Friday night. Thanks for the luck! It starts tomorrow.

    -D. Skye ❤

  7. Julia Byers says:

    COSTUMESCOSTUMESCOSTUMES!!! 😀 You make me miss VBS — I had to skip it this year to work drama camp. 😦

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