It’s Question Tuesday!

Erm, Wednesday.

Close enough.

I’m taking a break between working and driver’s ed to post, so I don’t end up doing it really late at night instead of writing (I’m about 2,500 words behind in Camp NaNo – I sort of just wrote myself into a corner, ugh).

Anyway, I don’t have a ton of questions (I have, like, two – lol), but that’s okay, because I can make all my answers long/detailed/whatever. So, without further ado, here they are!

1. What do you want to major in at college?

Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve dabbled in a bunch of fields in high school and every month I want to be something else: a meteorologist, a biomedical engineer, a journalist, etc… Right now I’m really really into literature and stuff – even though my dad would rather I do something science-y and practical. (Actual conversation between myself and my father: “Hey, Dad, can I major in Lit at college?” “As long as you get something that pays the bills, too.” “A husband?” *Dad glares at me* *I try not to die laughing*) My mom thinks I should look into being a lawyer, so I’m just weighing everything right now and trying to figure out what’s best for me… Praying about it a lot… That kind of thing. Right now the only thing I’m sure of is that I want to be able to play my cello at college. That’s about it. 😛

2. What is the weirdest situation you’ve ever been in?

Ahaha, let me see. I’m kind of a weirdo in general, so it’s hard to pinpoint one ‘weirdest’ situation… Hm. Oh! I know! So, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but last summer I went to LeakyCon in Orlando, Florida – I managed to meet all of the FiveAwesomeGirls besides Liane, and some other people I really admire besides – Neil Cicierega, Melissa Anelli, Mauren Johnson, Hank Green… I bumped into John Green a couple times but all of those times I didn’t have my camera or this little autograph book I’d been carrying around… So the weirdest situation, to answer the question, was the Friday night of the con, when my aunt and I were running back to our hotel room to get ready for the Deathly Hallows premiere. We got into the elevator with a couple other people, and just as the doors started to close, I saw Hank Green sprinting for the elevator, waving his arms. So, of course, I swung out my arm and blocked the doors, because hello, it’s Hank Green! You don’t let the elevator close on Hank Freaking Green! Anyway, so Hank gets into the elevator, followed by John and a friend of theirs… The elevator was already pretty crowded before they’d gotten on, so we all squished up against the walls, and John stood right in front of me – his puff was inches from my nose. IN. CHES. (So I stood there and hyperventilated behind him and tried not to smell bad/breathe on him, and my aunt, who was on the other side of the elevator, stood there and tried not to laugh at me.)

And now I’m going to do my Driver’s Ed. If you want to leave a question in the comments, I can edit this post and add it so I don’t look like quite as much of a lamewad as I do. 😛

ETA: More questions!! 🙂

3. What what do you think makes a friend a friend? What does it take for a friend to become a best friend?

Well, for me, a friend is anyone who I enjoy being around/talking to, someone who lifts my spirits and I have a good time hanging out with. A best friend is someone who makes me laugh, who cries when I cry, who’s there for me when I’m down, who will watch dumb movies with me when I’m bored, who will get into stupid arguments with me about the correct spelling of ‘allons-y’, someone who will swoon over actors or fictional characters with me… Obviously, not all of the above, but basically: they accept me for me and don’t mind just lying on the sofa doing nothing while eating obscene amounts of food and talking about Avatar. That’s a really dumb and bad explanation, but you get my gist.


3 comments on “It’s Question Tuesday!

  1. Rachel R. says:

    Love the weird situation. 😉

    hm…….question…………….*racks brain*………….what do you think makes a friend a friend? What does it take for a friend to become a best friend?

    there, i asked a question(s) 😉

  2. Morgann says:

    If you could go anywhere in the world with anyone you wanted to take with you where would you go and who with?

  3. Congratulations, you just won a comment contest for the 2000th commenter on my blog. You are entitled to a guest post, if you wish, or I could just rave about you. I’d suggest the guest post. If that, NaNoMail me at dragonfirehurts. Thanks!

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