Bonus Post: Blame Ari

I was over on Ari’s blog (go check her out, she’s awesome), and saw that she had made a bunch of online dolls of her characters from her books… And since I’m always up for some good old time wasting (note here that I still haven’t written a word today and I didn’t write yesterday and it’s 8:30 PM and I need to somehow write 3,000+ words before I go to bed), I decided to BLATANTLY STEAL HER IDEA and make the characters from Semper.

From left to right: Rhys, Eila, Caerwyn, and Eoin. Caerwyn’s wearing yellow like her dress in the prologue, though I’m thinking this is a later time period as none of them look 13… 😛 I’d have to play with it more to get it exact – I was envisioning a different collar and short sleeves. Also, Eila has black gloves because the doll program obviously won’t let you give a doll bloody hands. Rhys’s hair is the wrong color, but I don’t even care. This was fun. 🙂


P.S. Haha, Ari, I did not intentionally use the same background. It just happened. (Also, your characters look wayyyy better… Mine are all lazy and simple… But my characters are actually IN this time period, and wouldn’t wear all the fancy stuff, lol.)

ETA: I redid Caerwyn, all by herself. Again, she doesn’t look thirteen, and she’s missing the big giant collar I had originally pictured, but look at her hair! Black Initiate ribbon! WIN!

7 comments on “Bonus Post: Blame Ari

  1. fuzzymango says:

    Pishhhh, what are you talking about? They look AWESOME (and are probably more accurate to your mental pictures of them because they *are* actually in the right time period)! Glad you had fun! 😀

  2. elinormarie says:

    They look totally amazing! Good job! 🙂

  3. Rachel R. says:

    Who’s Rhys?

    • Hero says:

      He’s one of the characters whose bios I was too lazy to finish and hence never posted. He’s part of Caerwyn’s little trio, and is more of a plot-device-acorn than anything else, lol.

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