INTERNETTTT! *shakes fist*

Me: *spends forty-five minutes typing up a character bio/writing blog post*

Me: *hit submit*

Internet Browner: *crash*

Me: OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *please have autosaved, please please please*

WordPress: Hahaha, we decided not to autosave this time. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Me: *kills things*

So, yeah.

[Insert whole huge previous post recap that I came back and deleted after, well, read on.]

I just realized that my browser crashing did not affect the publication of my post. And I just retyped out basically the whole post down there. SO.

I really hate the internet right now. *ugh ugh ugh*

At least you get the bio.

Bridge to Enterprise – Hero is out. Peace. Talk to you Wednesday. (Or Thursday or Friday or whatever. When I feel like it.) (That, my friends, is commitment.)


One comment on “INTERNETTTT! *shakes fist*

  1. Belle S. says:

    Finally getting to your blog. SORRY!! It’s really good. Keep up the great and funny writing!
    -Belle ❤

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