In My World, It’s Sunday

To be fair, it’s technically still the weekend, since it’s Memorial Day. *pwn*

Anyway, here’s the last bio before Camp NaNo starts on Friday. Enjoy! 🙂

Name: Eila

Age: 21

Height: 5’1″

Eye color: Red

Physical appearance: Gaunt, yellowy-white skin, sunken eyes with glittering red irises, chapped, bleeding lips, matted black hair, ragged fingernails, and hands permanently stained blood red. She’s always covered in a layer of filth and scratching and rubbing at her hands, trying to get the blood off. Saliva drips from her mouth.

Strange physical attributes: Um, how about the red eyes and the bloody hands?

Favorite clothing style: Longs for her former wardrobe of gowns and tiaras and luxury, but all she has to wear now is the tattered remnants of what used to be her undershift.

Where does she live? Eildur – in the dungeons of the castle. [Random Tale of Despereaux reference: “To the dungeons! To the dungeons!”]

Defining gestures: Always snarling and muttering to herself, eyes madly darting about, fingers twitching.

Things about her appearance she would most like to change: She doesn’t care – all she wants is a crown on top of her filthy matted hair.

Speaking style: Varies from frantic muttering, growling, screeching like a banshee, and whispering slowly in a smooth, alluring tone.

Pet peeves: Everything. Basically.

Fondest memory: Her former life in the lap of luxury as heir to the throne.

Hobbies: Manipulating people and plotting how to break out of prison. You know. Standard stuff.

Special skills: Magic, for one; manipulation, seduction… She sort of has a lunatic/genius thing going on.

Insecurities: Doesn’t have time for insecurities. (Also, thinks she’s the greatest, ever, so even if she did have time, she wouldn’t have any.)

Quirks/Eccentricities: I think it’s pretty obvious at this point, but to reiterate: the woman has freaking lost her mind. She is a raving lunatic. 

Temperament: Crazy. And evil. Obviously.

Negative traits: …Everything. She’s got serious anger issues, she tries to kill people all the time, she wants to topple society and rule her own little twisted version of the world. Prospect = not good.

Things that upset her: Setbacks, not affecting people the way she wants, not getting what she wants, and people who question/don’t respect her ‘authority.’

Things that embarrass her: Failure and disgrace. [“Honorrrrrr!” *dies*]

This character is highly opinionated about: Herself. And everyone else. And, yeah.

Any phobias: Pure magic.

Things that make her happy: Successful plans, power, and knowing that she has deprived someone of something they’ve deprived her of – she enjoys ‘restoring the balance’, as it were.

Family: The royal family of Eildur. Used to be good and noble rulers (and still are), but have become shells of their former selves since the death of their [SPOIIIIIILER] and the imprisonment of their raving mad daughter.

Deepest darkest secret: This woman is nothing but secrets.

Other people’s opinions of this character: They are afraid of her.

Philosophy of life: I do what I want and get what I want and I dispose of those who get in my way.

Physical health: Pretty bad. Aside from being stark, raving mad, she’s malnourished and weak. A rather inconvenient side effect of prison.

Dream vacation: Anywhere outside of prison… Probably going on a trip to oppress her subjects of Eildur – she would enjoy that.

Description of her house: The castle, down in the jail.

Description of her bedroom: Jail cell. Fleas, rats, straw, stone, rot, and some bars on the window. You get the idea. It’s also an enchanted jail cell – there’s no way out besides death. Once that door is closed, it’s closed forever.

Pets? Yeah. [SPOILER.]

Best thing that has ever happened to this character: She was named heir.

Worst thing: Probably her discovery of magic. It corrupted her.

Three words to describe this character: Stark. Raving. Mad.

Antagonist Questions

Why is she facing off against the protagonist? Caerwyn put her in prison, and she’s the one keeping her there. Eila can hold a judge.

Any likable traits? She is very vulnerable, which isn’t exactly likable, but it shows that she’s human. Unfortunately, she tends to exploit her weakness by using it to inspire pity/sympathy.

Weaknesses: PRIDE.

Note: Eila wasn’t always this crazy and evil – it’s like she’s been possessed, honestly. As a teenager she discovered magic, but because she fueled her magic with pride, it turned to Poisoned Magic and completely corrupted her. She just lost herself to the magic.

On a random side note, I got a job! I work from home on the computer, which is awesome. 🙂 Also, for the first time in weeks I practiced my orchestra audition pieces to my satisfaction… And I still have six days until my audition. If I practice like this every day, I just might make it! I am momentarily not freaking out. Let’s hope it lasts. *deep breaths*

Of course, now that I’m not freaking out about that, I have to find something else to worry about… Namely college. I still have no idea where I’m going/what I’m doing, and since I am now a rising junior, that’s starting to stress me… My mom mentioned the other day that I should consider law – I never liked the idea, BUT I’ve had so many people tell me that I would be a great lawyer, so I won’t rule it out just yet. 😉

Oh – and could you guys please pray for my mom? She has a splitting headache and has been in bed, sick, all day. She’s feeling really crummy. 😦





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  1. Rachel R. says:

    Geez, she scares me! 😉

  2. Rachel R. says:

    *got *fp*

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