Caerwyn Bio [Part 2]

Good morning! For once I’m posting on time instead of last minute. 🙂

Today I bring to you the rest of Caerwyn’s bio and a quick update on what I’m doing… But we’ll save the best for last as an incentive for you to slog through the rest of this bio. 😛 So, without further ado:

Other people’s opinions of her: Most view her as loyal and hardworking and a friendly girl, but some people give her a hard time because she’s famous for catching Serafina [the evil princess]. [She has the ‘Mr Potter… Our new celebrity…’ syndrome.]

Favorite books: Not much of a scholar, but she does enjoy fairy tales when she has time.

Favorite foods: She’ll eat anything, but she loves hiking outside the city walls with some bread and cheese in a cloth and eating up in a tree somewhere.

Religion: Vaguely Christian… Her morals system follows the Christian teaching, but she also believes that if you put good in, you get good out. (Some sort of loose karma system.)

Physical health: Very good. She’s kept on a rigorous exercise regiment with her training.

Dream vacation: A week in the countryside all by herself with no one to please and nothing to do. She’d go nuts after two days, but she figures it would be better than being constantly kept on her feet.

Description of her house: The initiates’ dormitory is on the east wing of the castle at the very edge. The castle is tall and made of white stone [this is a tie-back to Caerwyn… Ten points if you can figure it out] and the hallways are hoping and airy, with lots of light coming from open walkways. The castle bleeds into the city walls, so you can feasibly get from the castle roof to anywhere on the outskirts of town.

Description of her bedroom: Caerwyn can’t be put in the normal dormitories because she isn’t a boy and can’t room with one. So her bedroom is the disused library on the top floor. It’s two levels, the top of which is an open loft type thing, about 5′ by 6′, where Caerwyn has put her mattress and hung a curtain for privacy. All her clothes are kept in a trunk on the main level next to a changing screen. It sounds spacious, but it really isn’t – the main floor is only 11′ by 12′ because the walls are lined with deep bookshelves, and some of that space is taken up by the stairs to the second level. It’s small, but it’s clean and it’s home – Caerwyn loves it.

Best thing that ever happened to her: Eoin (yeah, this is cheesy, but it’s true and you’ll see it)

Worst thing: Discovering the [SPOIIIIIILER], still [SPOIIILERING] out into her hands.

Superstitions: Nothing really scares her except Serafina.

Three words to describe this character: Determined, loyal, and humble. [Basically, she’s a Hufflepuff, haha.]

Wednesday is Eoin’s bio! I love Eoin. 😀

Anyway, yesterday I spent the day at a Catholic Homeschool conference, and even though I didn’t do a lot, I talked to some students at Catholic colleges, and one of them is starting to sound really awesome to me… I won’t say which one it is in case I end up going there, but it looks incredible, and I can’t wait to go visit the campus. 🙂

My friends Violet and Kaira had their graduation yesterday and it was awesome. Kaira’s slideshow thing made me cry… It was so cute.

My orchestra audition is coming up soon and I’m completely terrified. Aughhhh… And then Camp NaNo is coming up and I haven’t finished as many of my biographies or plot charts as I want to, but then again, that’s NaNo. 😛

Anyway, I should probably go practice my cello. Talk to you Wednesday!


3 comments on “Caerwyn Bio [Part 2]

  1. Rachel R. says:

    What exactly is Camp NaNo? I looked at the link, but I didn’t really understand what it is about.

    (still don’t got any ideas for Serafina)

    • Hero says:

      Camp NaNo is NaNoWriMo but in the summer, and NaNoWriMo is basically where you write a 50,000 word novel in a month with a bunch of other writers and you go insane. It’s a lot of fun.

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