My friend Tatiana saying it better than I ever could. I agree one-hundred and ten percent with everything in this post.

Thanks, Tatiana, for writing this. It needed to be said.

Words into Darkness

So many things were running through my head as I wrote this post.  ‘Maybe people won’t agree… Maybe they’ll be angry… Maybe they’ll be offended… Maybe they’ll decide to take it out on me.’

And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care.  I do care.  I’ve seen people threaten to rape or even kill those who express opinions like mine, and that’s scary.  I don’t want to be threatened like that.  Really, who does?  But I’ve thought about making this post for a long time, and prayed for the strength to do it.  This is important to me.  This is about my religious, ethical, and moral freedom.  This is about the freedom of everyone in The United States of America.  This is darn important.

HERE, Cecile Richards asks women to express their thoughts on the importance of birth control, to share their stories.  She says that…

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