Dancing Through Life

My friend Morgann has started a newspaper, for which I’m the fashion and current events writer… Luckily this means that I don’t have to write another recount of prom for this blog, because I already wrote one for her paper! (Read as: I’m really really lazy.)

I want to write an honest, fun recount of what prom was like without sounding stuffy and using phrases like, “We arrived at the country club, our faces aglow, excited for the night ahead!” Because, let’s be honest: that would be a snooze-fest. So here we go.

The night began in the afternoon – for me, at least. For Tanith and her older sister, Violet, the ‘night’ began just before lunchtime, when they drove over to Miss Ani’s house. (If we’re being honest, prom night started on the Thursday before prom, when we all put curlers in our hair and did our nails and made frantic last minute adjustments to everything. However, I would like to keep this article a little shorter than novel-length, so we’ll go ahead and start on Friday.) I met them there at three o’clock, hair in curlers, dodging the confused stares of Miss Ani’s neighbors. Tanith answered the door, sporting some trendy curlers of her own. I followed her to the bathroom where Miss Ani was just finishing Violet’s makeup. I was immediately thrown into the ‘styling chair’ (a metal folding chair next to the sink) and Miss Ani got to work.

Cut to five-thirty at the Tanith’s house. Things were a little chaotic as Tanith, Violet, Kate, and I were running around in our floor-length gowns, finishing up makeup and hair, looking for shoes, calling our dates and double-checking driving plans.

An hour later, we split up and met up at the houses of our dates.

Our friend Kaira, Odysseus, Landon [I’m butting in on my own article: Landon was my date, in case you guys care], and I arrived first at the country club (after getting a little lost along the way – I’m not the best navigator) (sorry, Mom!), and I was stunned by the decorations. The entire country club had been done up like the backstage of a theater. Costumes and props were arranged artfully around the foyer, and a red carpet led into the main ballroom.

Dinner was served at nine. During dinner, the seniors were called up and recognized for their accomplishments throughout high school. Kaira was given the title ‘Miss Versatility’, and Violet ‘Extreme Athlete’. After dinner, the music began to play – the night started off with the appropriately titled ‘Let’s Get It Started’ by the Black Eyed Peas. We were all a little reluctant to get out on the dance floor, until Violet dragged us out to ‘Let it Rock.’

The funniest moment of the whole night happened after Tanith and I finished swing dancing with Frankie and Landon (respectively). The swing ended, only to be replaced by Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies.’ Tanith and I immediately abandoned our dates and ran onto the dance floor to proclaim our singleness. They were not amused.

The after-party at Kaira’s house lasted until 5 AM – by the end, we were all a little jealous of Tanith, who had made the wise decision to turn in early.

It was a great night that we’ll all remember forever. The sleep deprivation was totally worth it.

Forgive me for taking creative license with your names, you guys. 😉

And just so those of you who aren’t familiar with my friends in real life can keep up:

Frankie was Tanith’s date, Kaira was Odysseus’s, and Kate is a friend of Violet’s (and me, and Tanith, of course, but she went with Violet because she was flying solo this year). [Hero’s Afterthought: I’ve put them all on the Meet the Cast page, for future reference.]

I promise to get back to normal, interesting posting soon. I’m just stressed out about the SAT this weekend and a bunch of tests and papers and science experiments and presentations that I have due this week. *hyperventilates into a paper bag*


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