Girl Mode

Before I say anything, I want to wish my friend Julia a very, very happy birthday! She’s one of the best friends ever, and you should go check out her blog. She writes about writing, and skiing, and the Hunger Games, and being sick, and basically life, except she’s way more interesting and meaningful than I am.

Like, way more meaningful, because today I bring you an entire blog post devoted to PROM!

Yes. I’ll admit it: I am in complete and total girl mode. My prom is on Friday and I am so excited. Basically the only thing that’s been running through my head for the last week and a half is, “Prom prom prom prom prom prom prommmmmmm…” I’m even having trouble being nerdy, I’m so focussed on prom. I was talking to Landon (who is also my prom date), and he was going on and on about the new Magic set that’s coming out, which I would usually be interested in, except I was right in the middle of puzzling over whether or not I’d be able to knit a shawl to wear with my prom dress before Friday. So Landon was talking about angels and demons being all the rage, etcetera, and I was like, “That’s cool.” He realized that I wasn’t paying any attention, and made a remark along the lines of: “I am totally nerdier than you.” I rolled my eyes and said, “I can’t outnerd you right now, dude. I’m in girl mode.”

Seriously. In my brain, finding nail polish that matches my dress is almost more important than practicing my cello. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know why I’ve subconsciously prioritized like this – it’s just ridiculous. Maybe I’m such a weirdo most of the time that sometimes I need a week and a half to turn into a stereotypical teenage girl who squees at the sight of OneDirection and has no aspirations beyond becoming homecoming queen. (Just to make things clear: I don’t want to be homecoming queen. I want to be a rocket scientist. Or something.)

Or maybe I’m just excited for prom. Because I haven’t been squeeing at OneDirection lately either.

If I get some good pictures of my dress, I’ll post them next Sunday. Until then, try not to judge me too harshly for my obsession over purple nail polish. (And the fact that I’ve listened to What Makes You Beautiful at least twice a day for the last seven days. *cough*)

Y’all are the best,


P.S. In case you’re interested, the theme for our prom is ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business.’ MUSICALS. The entire prom is BROADWAY THEMED. It’s so PERFECT. *geeks out*

3 comments on “Girl Mode

  1. Rachel Ramirez says:

    Wow, that’s all I have to say Hero. Have fun at prom!

  2. Rachel Ramirez says:

    A little late for that. 😉

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