Good Thing My Friends Are Interesting

I was all set to write a super fascinating, amazingly motivational post that would rally thunderous applause and make you all want to go out and change the world. I wanted to be inspiring, and interesting, and all of that stuff.

But then I babysat until late last night, and I spent all morning at a swim meet… And now I’m exhausted. I can’t find the energy (or the heart, to be honest – I don’t feel so great) to write a good post.

Luckily for you guys, I spoke to my friend Emma over the week. She’s an amazing photographer. She’s seriously going places. She sent me her portfolio, and I’ve picked my top ten favorites out of all the ones she sent me to share with you guys.


Okay, this is my favorite one. I love how the turquoise wall really brings out the turquoise paint, and it makes the girl’s eye color really pop, too. I love it.

The rest of these are in no particular order, and since I can’t find it in me to be interesting today, I’m just going to sit back and let the pictures do the talking. (After all, they are worth a thousand words.)

That’s all for today. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the photos – make sure you thank Emma in the comments for making this otherwise boring post spectacular.

Oh, and just so you guys know: Ash Wednesday is this week, and I’m giving up the internet for Lent. I have a lot of trouble focusing on my schoolwork and I don’t get a lot done because I’m constantly goofing around online. I’m hoping I’ll be able to break my habit by giving it up for Lent. What I’m trying to say is this: I won’t be able to post on Wednesdays like I usually do, but I will try and post on Sundays, which is the one day of the week when we’re allowed to have what we’ve given up.

Have a great week! Thanks for reading.


5 comments on “Good Thing My Friends Are Interesting

  1. Monica says:

    Wow. These are amazing! 🙂


    • Emma (the one that took the photos:P) says:

      Thankyou, means so much!
      I will send Hero some more when i take them, i have some more ideas brewing, and if i get them right, they should be awesome!

  2. Uncle Sepp says:

    Thanks Emma! Great Photos!
    And thanks for the last comment about lent, Hero. You inspire me with your honesty 🙂

  3. Loving all of these posts says:

    I think these are billiant, you should go into photography professionaly Emma. The girl who appears several times is stunning!!!

  4. Kira says:

    These are so good! Amazing pictures. Tell Emma for me. (even though this was forever ago, haha)

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