On My Own

‘I love him… But every day I’m learning… All my life, I’ve only been pretending! Without me, his world would go on turning – a word that’s full of happiness that I have never known!” 

Seems fitting to start off with a romantically depressing Les Misérables song, what with what day it is and everything. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s not Wednesday, but I decided to post early this week and give you guys a good cheering up on Valentine’s Day.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of Valentine’s Day, I just don’t like the outcome (of lack thereof). My problem is this: I am a hopeless romantic. I’m just such a girl in that respect. Even though I don’t have a significant other (nor do I plan to have one any time in the near future) I can’t help but feel like something has to happen on Valentine’s Day. SOMETHING. But nothing ever happens, and so my hopelessly romantic side makes me all depressed.

Which is how I feel right now. I really tried to prevent this from happening this year, and my method might have worked, except that I care too much about this holiday. It’s so stupid – I shouldn’t care. But I do. C’est la vie.

Anyway! What I tried to do this year is focus on non-romantic love. I’m super blessed to have a bunch of people in my life who love me, and I have a lot of love for them (my family, my friends, etc). So I made valentines for my best friends, inside of which I listed a bunch of reasons why I love them. (I still haven’t passed all of these out, by the way, so Essie or Morgann – if you’re reading this and thinking, “What? I don’t have one of those!” I haven’t gotten them to you yet. 😛 I have not forgotten you!)

It really helped me to focus on why I love my friends and how much I love my friends, and how thankful I am for them. If you want to take your mind off of how ‘lonely’ you are, and how depressing Valentine’s Day is, you should try it! You don’t have to go all out with the construction paper and the lace, but just send all of your friends a quick email to tell them you’re thinking about them and that you love them.

Or we could all just be like this guy.


Oh, well. I’d better get back to reading about the biochemical challenges to evolution. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. I love you all!


14 comments on “On My Own

  1. Uncle Sepp says:

    It is Valentine’s Day?
    Do I get a Valentine?
    Will you send one to me? Please, please! 😀

  2. Julia Byers says:

    I hate you. Now I’m obsessively listening to On My Own and feeling even more miserable than I’ve been the rest of the day (I’m wearing blue to support Singles Awareness Day, in case you were wondering) (but also a pink scarf, because I’m a hopeless romantic and couldn’t resist *curses*). I love Valentine’s Day, but it always makes me depressed to see how happy the rest of everybody is and I’m just like, “Blarrrgh, ETERNALLY SINGLE.”

    But anyway. 😉 Love you, Hero-la! Happy Valentines Day!!

    • Hero says:

      That’s the opposite of what I wanted, Julia! 😛

      If it makes a difference, I love you an absolute ton, and I would not be the same without you. (“…and now whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend…” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.)

      We should have t-shirts. ‘Blarrrgh, ETERNALLY SINGLE.’

      And you won’t be eternally single anyway, so ssssh. 😛

      • Julia Byers says:

        I actually saw some people yesterday with t-shirts that said that. It made me feel slightly better about myself, knowing that I wasn’t alone.

        Upside: If I go to U of M next year, I’ll be in the Number One City for Singles in the country. OHHHH YEAHHH, GO ANN ARBOR!! *isaloser*

  3. Monica says:

    There’s something hopelessly depressing about Valentine’s Day. Well, sure, the weather was beautiful…better than it has been in AGES, but…

    On the bright side, I’m glad I don’t have to be spending anything on anyone 🙂 It’s selfish, but totally true!

    Single girls unite!

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