‘Ow D’you Do?

Think Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady, pre-Higgins. 😉

Okay. Apparently I am incapable of doing anything without making a reference to some musical or another. (Then again, I already knew this.) If you’re planning on sticking around, you should probably get used to it.

Anyway, hi! As it says up at the top, I’m Hero. These are my endeavors. (Or, rather, these are going to be my endeavors… This is my first post, so I there are no endeavors to speak of as yet.) For some reason, I decided that because I’m already completely crushed under my schoolwork, my obsessive devotion to cello, my writing, and all those other less important things (Driver’s Ed, the SAT & ACT prep, etc.), the most sensible thing for me to do would be to start a new project! Of course!

In my defense, it wasn’t my idea.

Quick backstory of this blog (cue ripple effect): About a month ago, while watching one of the Republican debates on Fox News, I expressed to my mom that I might be interested in majoring in journalism in college. (Slightly relevant side note: college is completely freaking me out, and at this point I’m looking at everything like it’s something I could possibly major in. “Hey, what’s this?” “Um, that’s a banana.” “Huh… Maybe I should major in agriculture… After all, that quiz did say that I was from District 11…” But I digress. BACK TO THE FLASHBACK.) A week or so later, my mom was talking to one of her friends who actually had majored in journalism in college. Mom’s friend said that because I like creative writing, perhaps journalism wasn’t the route for me. She suggested to my mom that maybe I should start a blog, as a creative outlet and as a way to develop my voice as a writer.

So, here I am.

I guess some introductions are in order. Like I said, I’m Hero. I write, practice my cello, watch TV, practice my cello, read, practice my cello… And then I edit sometimes. But not before I practice my cello. (I practice my cello a lot. You should see my calluses. They’re impressive.) I also like to knit, play dress up (and call it cosplay, because I’m super cool), cook, act, draw, etc, etc.

I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals. Les Misérables, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray – you name it. Not to mention all those Disney movies… Needless to say, I tend to sing a lot of show tunes.

I am a Catholic, vegetarian, Slytherin, really nerdy fifteen-year old. If you remember any of that, remember the bit about me being a Slytherin. 😉 I’m kidding – out of that list, you should probably remember Catholic, because my faith is super important to me, and I’m probably going to be talking about it a fair amount on this blog. Especially since I’m going to a retreat on Saturday, and I’m being confirmed at the end of this month. (I’m so excited!)

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be 100% about Church. The day after I go to my retreat, I’m going to see Wicked (again) (I’m such a jerk), so I’ll probably be freaking out about that for weeks and weeks.

Anyway. That’s probably good for right now. I’ll try and post over the weekend, but it’s going to be pretty jam-packed, so we’ll see what happens.

I won’t guarantee that my life is exciting, but it’s definitely a whirlwind. Hold on to your seats.


11 comments on “‘Ow D’you Do?

  1. Julia Byers says:

    Well hello there, Hero. 😉

  2. I hate you for stealing the first comment, Jules. 😡


    Hello there, Hero. We know about the music thing.

    AAAAGH. Same about the college thing. I mean, I know I have all of high school and two years of college to think about my major, but it still bugs me that I don’t know yet. And like you, I’m looking into journalism as well. I’m just not entirely sure…

    Anywho, very nice blog, Hero, darling. As I said to you in the email, this theme definitely fits you.

  3. Kira says:

    Hey, Hero! Long time no see. (Or hear, as the case may be…)
    Can’t wait to read more from you!

  4. Monica says:

    hm… I thought I posted, but it didn’t show up. I think technology hates me! 😦

    Anyways, hey, Hero! I now have a better way of stalking you! (Just kidding, don’t freak out…) I love this blog idea, like I’ve been saying. It’s pure genius, as is the title.

    I’m aiming for a major in English, and to have a degree in journalism as well. For me, Journalism isn’t as fun as creative writing…but it’s still writing 🙂 and if I get the job I want, I’ll be able to to travel a lot. MY DREAM!

    XOXO, Mon-la

  5. Uncle Sepp says:

    I hereby deem this blog to be full of promise and worthy of my approval.

  6. Themostestamazingestperson says:

    Hey. Guess what.
    Listening to you rant and rave about all this nerd stuff has really made me miss you a lot. I mean, half of these references I do not actually understand, but it’s still funny. PS you are so good at writing, and keeping it interesting. You’ll definently go far if you keep trying and following your heart!!!!!!! (Okay, yes, that got a little cheesy there. Ignore. I’m tired today.)

    I love you forever and ever.
    -Sunny or twix or tori or whatever

  7. Kira says:

    You’re STILL totally adorable. I don’t know how you do it. I have, like, nothing to say except that you’re adorable.
    Nice pseudonym, BTW. =)

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